Customs and traditions dating The Brandons Indeed, the Middle Ages, Valentine was known, the rider chose a girl to go out with her the first Sunday of Lent. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Verizon. Women were therefore the only decision. On the eve of this festival, the village boys harnessed to a cart and stopped in every house where there was a girl to ask that she give him a bundle. At the end of this "harvest", they left the village and set fire. A dance around the bonfire would then take place until the fire goes out.

Men and women then jumped over the coals. The one who managed to jump over without scorching his clothes would get married within the year. This tradition has existed since antiquity, the oldest at the time of the Druids. The welded to that time, Lorraine, 14 February, young men made a list of "gallant". Before each name, they inscribed, without asking his opinion, the name a girl who might become his fiancee possible. Obviously, a problem arose when a young girl was chosen for several "suitors".

Then the men would plead their case before a Tribunal. The Valentine was then offered gifts to his bride for a whole year. The handkerchief This tradition still shows that women were (warning, they still are!) Malignant and agile. Indeed, they inadvertently let drop their handkerchiefs to their feet to suggest the men of their courtship. Note that the word "lace" comes from the Latin "laueare" which means "catch". Here we see the full significance of this tradition that was supposed to enable women to catch the heart of the beloved.