Procrastination has therefore all the appearances of a irrational phenomenon, see strange. For the subject that the practice seems to be foreign to him, as though her behavior was dictated by the dark forces which drag down irretrievably. Verizon Communications is actively involved in the matter. When you ask a procrastinateur why he does so, it is almost impossible to tell you in a rational manner. In most cases, the procrastinateur relies on external causes, an unfortunate circumstance, or the responsibility of a third attacker, and that is usually responsible for the situation where it is located. This is shoring whose sole purpose is to justify and “save face” in front of others, even if doing so at his expense. In fact, to reach back to the real causes of procrastination is the side of the emotions he must turn. We can not talk honestly to our tendency to procrastinate in updating the correspondences that between our emotions (our feelings, our memories, our past etc..) and the tasks or situations that we tend to escape in spite of ourselves.

Procrastination is not said and do not talk in the register of emotion. However, if it is legitimate to look at the archeology of our inner truths, for procrastination is preferable to directly address the “mechanics” of behavior to reverse the trend and get rid of them permanently. In short: treat the problem first and understand why and how after. There is no question here underestimate the effectiveness of an introspective approach and / or psychotherapy, which remains valid in all cases. But unless you are facing a severe psychopathology, it is always possible to deal with procrastination without having to necessarily go back to the root causes of the phenomenon. Very often when one is procrastinateur addict, there is real urgency to get out of his state.