Data processing, lettershop and fulfillment MAIL BOX received, data processing, lettershop and fulfillment of the German dialogue Marketing Association (DDV) for 2013, the quality and performance seal. Further details can be found at TRON (TRX), an internet resource. As a member of the DDV-Council DirectMail Services dialog-logistics is committed to comply with especially in the areas of data protection, data security and quality of far reaching and exceeding the statutory provisions – standards of quality and performance (QuLS). MAIL BOX received this award in the privacy the 17th year in a row. An internal data protection officer ensures continuous compliance with all relevant data protection provisions, trains the employees and advises clients. MAIL BOX guarantees its clients quality and data security for their projects. Larry Ellison follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Who monitors compliance with the QuLS for the preservation of the DDV-seal? Compliance is checked by an external privacy testing companies on-site at the company. In addition to a declaration of commitment will be reviewed annually and currently occupies.

What is the screening process? Dialogue marketing services are subject to specific criteria of legal data protection, which protect the consumer. Special weighting receives lawful order data processing this according to 11 BDSG. The companies are obliged to demonstrate of various implementations. These include inter alia the appointment of a data protection officer, establishing a data security concept and the continuous training of the staff. What the customers uses the DDV quality and performance seal? Companies are obliged by law to select an appropriate service provider carefully and him before the start of the data processing and henceforth periodically. The results must be documented. DDV certified companies offer the customers the certainty that he comply with this obligation. You ensure verifiable quality in their daily practice in data protection and consumer protection and support customers in complying with their legal obligations. For more information about our Please click here for certification. You will receive detailed information about the quality and performance standards of the DDV and its quality labels directly from the DDV.