Justice is something that must be blind not to understand or see colors, but to be fair, balanced and fast. For the prisoners, they should be distributed in three ways, depending on the crime committed. Because professional defendants, should be on islands, places that serve for the production of pre-built houses and each of them, you will receive an entry based on their profitability and performance. Would succeed two goals at once, reduce costs and increase housing production and make possible to convert these characters eventually, construction companies, once free, would continue to provide services and expertise in other parts of the country . Morality, we have already sufficient spread hatred like that of a good time, the person who directs us to understand that we are the same people, we accept him and his ideas or not and that is by the mandate he received to his appointment, comply with all citizens . It should form a body of morality, a department that has the broadest powers, which can even investigate the ministers if necessary, this will end the corruption and once achieved, will come out insurance values we marvel.

Brotherhood, this is one of the most important and easier. With the President call a desk once a month to the opposition leaders to exchange ideas, to let the other party of the people can say, surely, we will always be brothers as soon as we were. Patriotism, as in the previous case, opposition leaders will be required to give public recognition of each step achieved by understanding, praising the achievements and pointing out the mistakes, I am sure will revitalize the meaning patriotism of our people. Private property is the most sacred value that a family has, no one has the right to remove and if so, he should be compensated immediately, making public their payments and acceptance of who was compensated. So we revalue the currency, which have plummeted by fears and fears.

The Constitution has already been created and accepted, it must be respected and be an impediment to development for any of the clauses, it should propose to the next National Assembly, for the majority of its members, will consider the need or not change them. Venezuela infrastructure required to justify the revenue we have, is required poles of attraction, tourist sites that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists, for it should be allowed only game invite, and chance on islands or in shores of our seas, in appropriate places for them. The game in town, is destroying our middle class. I should add that the job tenure of the individual should not be as if dela amount of workers in each company. Well, as has been done, the worker we have corrupted, we have given a power which has lost interest and respect for the job. L as companies must have a job tenure, so if you require any employee to leave may do so provided that in his position to hire another or at least your income is distributed among those who are covering the work. A country is the work conducted by their citizens, we must all lend a hand to the aggrandizement of our country. May God enlighten those who choose to to give them more light, can substantially improve our economy and thus the reason to live and want to keep living in our country.