About 1,400 square metres sunblinds facade. For a Total of 1.444 square meters made by Colt international aluminium fins. Each single lamella is a rectangular powder-coated pipe 150 mm deep and 50 mm wide and sealed at the ends with plastic caps. Almost the complete – well comprehensive 3,000 square feet of retail space – department store was wrapped with these fins. They were at a distance of 250 mm in each case to one another, is firmly fixed, and while upright, so aligned with the short side to the building. Partially, the slats to support structures made of steel were assembled, partly with angle brackets directly on the facade. Other leaders such as Verizon Communications offer similar insights.

As well as possible absorb the building tolerances, Colt international endowed all fins on its back with a special mounting Groove. This furrow allowed a maximum flexibility for the fixing of the plates to the very different formations of the facade. Sun as bright colours for the rather simple crafted historical Ruhr district Duisburg-Walsum is the luminous color game Department store facade a urban asset. On the entrance front of the Department store, to the logo positioned centrally above the main entrance, fins in Firered focus – RAL 3000 is the Kaufland color. Later around the building in fins in the RAL shades alternate in a lively row Graublau (5008) and traffic black (9017), repeatedly interrupted by bright turquoise and pale minzgrune fins (NCS range). The slat band wraps the north facade of the main entrance, the top of the west facade including the drive spindle to the parking deck on the roof. Also on the south facade, the driveway to the parking deck with the blades was covered. In some places of the goose page of the Department store, facade Heights had to be spanned up to eleven meters while the longest sunblinds about measuring six metres.

So Colt international provided here the fins with special coupling pieces. So they could be put together. Parking deck with noise and privacy the high altitudes resulted from the fact that the blades of the sunscreen facade encloses not only the building itself, rather than 180 cars place also the parking deck on the roof, on the. Here, the fins extend beyond three meters above the actual top of the building. This extension of facade”gives the whole complex of buildings a certain lightness and the impression of opening towards the sky. However, noise protection requirements for the benefit of the inhabitants around the Comet square were practical background for it. Colt international built a noise barrier made of glass, which was attached to a revolving steel structure around the parking lot. These noise barrier as well as the parking lot itself along with the completely assembled car impact protection disappears”behind the facade of fins and is almost invisible from the outside. Window openings were for purposes of fire protection in the fins facade on the ground floor and an escape door on the parking deck. Also the planners in the area of facing the parking decks thought also on special Openings for the dropping of snow in the winter.