As who steals an atomic bomb and not known to detonate it, it can become a useless artifact. Certain conditions are needed: servers must be interconnected to few meters of the bags (bags for rent these spaces, and the bid by them is fierce, becoming exquisite gains for those bags), must count on a given platform (electronic receipt of financial information, with automatic creation of orders routed in microseconds). In addition, these codes have an expiration time: while overall the HFT strategies remain through time, the micro-estrategias more shortsighted vary constantly: mathematical correlations are changing with the dynamics of the market and the codes should be adjusted. Under high volatility, the relations of these strategies can just take seconds. Or that Aleynikov was raised with a code that will not you already serve to A lot. Competitors who get these secret codes can cause you to lose the owner firm million dollars. You can follow the strategy or play him against, ruining the initial strategy. Volatility lately generated these years is the product of the operatory with algorithms.

And that volatility is absorbed by investors common, resulting in losses in their portfolios. We have a way of defending ourselves of these algorithms that generate the manipulation of the market. Firstly, the actions that are tradeadas by these programs are increased liquidity, the blue chips. We can avoid them and dump us medium and low capitalization. Another way is using investment as fundamental analysis tools and following the soundness of companies in the medium or long term to invest, as well as technical analysis, seeing the dynamic behavior of the market in real time, carefully following volumes and prices. The HFT can have a devastating effect on those who do daytrading (i.e.

opening and closing positions in) (minutes or on the day), not on those who operate long-term. Being alert and following these guidelines of investment, we can earn Wall Street strategists. When here beat them means just that the HFT does not ruin our portfolio. Until next Friday, Paola Pecora – our subscribers earn 17% bag who subscribed to our newsletter of Global value investment in July, have already a 17% profit, having covered several times the cost of the newsletter. One of the latest recommended last week, has risen 20 percent, is one of the largest retailers of USA. And most importantly: this company has much more margin of suba, and double its current value in the coming months. You want to know what, as well as the rest of the Global value portfolio and benefit from the recommended which will soon depart for the month of September?