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Sustainable Ambient Development

This can be considered as the great challenge of century 21, for if not dealing with an easy decision for the nations, of a side the vital economic growth for its survival, defining of a simple form as the addition of the goods and services per capita generated there. Whereas sustainable development can be defined as that capable one to supply the necessities of the current generation, without compromising the capacity to take care of the coming generations, stimulating a conscientious consumption of products, through the awareness of that the natural resources are finite, that is, that one day they will go to finish. To only have an idea if the developing countries to decide to adopt the model of economic growth adopted by the developed countries, that one that together with appeared the industrial revolution of large-scale production for reduction of the costs, stimulating the wild consumption of products and services and adding the total indifference with the natural resources, would have a catastrophic scene, a time that the natural resources would not support so great demand, in this scene we would have an increase in the consumption of fsseis fuels equivalent the ten times and of two hundred times of the natural resources compared with the standard of current consumption. If you are not convinced, visit Verizon. It is understandable, however that the poor countries need to open its markets for capitation of international financial resources from there to start if to develop, however as we saw they will have to appeal to other mechanisms and not to the methods applied for the rich countries. To deal with a question to dspar, we can use distinct concepts, the Estruturalismo (Amitai Etzioni) for that like a vision technique more, in which defends that optimum method of solution of conflicts is adopted in agreement in which if he is inserted. On the other hand if to appeal to the teachings of the buddhism, doctrine of bigger acceptance in ocidente, and this in case that condizente with the boarded content, standes out ahead that of extreme ways, must be followed the way of the way, that is, that one that better it harmonizes the divergences if to add some principles of the Japanese administration as the CHANGE of combat to wastefulnesses and the KAIZEN of the improvement continues, applied of gradual form, stipulating goals and benefits for the nations that to fulfill who to them thus know would not arrive at a solution for this conflict, for the time being fit the companies to face the support not more as essential a competitive differential and yes as something for its survival in a global market and each more competitive time..