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The contributions on the basis of a pension commitment provided, which was issued after December 31, 2004, the maximum amount can be increased to 1,800. Please note however, is that the amount of this increase is not social security. The posts next to each other, where appropriate, existing forms of AVL savings be added in detecting maximum and increase amount. In addition, Government support through is in the context of occupational pensions as well as at private old-age provision the possibility, Supplements of Riester. In other words, the own share of savings of workers can be increased through a State allowance. Alternatively, the contributions paid as special editions of the tax may be deducted. However, contributions to the direct insurance, the pension fund or the Pension Fund must be paid from the taxable income of the employee. Change from VL to AVL? In principle, workers can invest their own expenses both VN and AVL.

Even if his employer for the respective form of saving grants no subsidy, he can get the full government support by his own performance. He must give up not the a form of saving for the benefit of the other. The transition to AVL, that he can achieve a significantly higher savings contribution toward VL savings for a high net income are the greatest benefits for the workers. For the employer the advantage in terms of saving a portion of social security contributions is. Could he so if necessary? without financial Overhead? grant the workers a higher subsidy to the AVL as the VL. Assessing the arrangements to be established for the use of savings grants of the employer as AVL, are some points to keep in mind: First existing procedure for occupational retirement provision must be examined in the company, especially if they already provide subsidies. New regulations should have always the goal to define framework conditions that bring about a unity of pensions in the company.