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Security Coaching

Security could say that is what we most human beings we are very young. From birth we promotes security, that is why we follow our parents until we are able to abide by ourselves. Security can be of benefit to us but can also be counterproductive to perform certain tasks. There are people who are obsessed with security so that if they will undertake can not simply choose to view particular to desist. This is because we are taught from a young model that doubt is bad and that if when you take something, just not right. Unfortunately this program that we installed in our minds has limited many blessings that we could be enjoying today. We have accepted the program without having discussed in depth.

Some say that doubt is the devil and others say it is insecurity. The question simply has to be seen as a time analysis and reflection on what you want. It's as simple as changing perspective it, if we see it as evil mind will react to that message that we send our body and therefore limited reaction and impeded progress. However, if we see a positive way, with the perspective of analysis may lead us to give us more options and find more opportunities as to what is intended. I once read that there is more insecure than sure. Or perhaps not happened to you that you are totally confident PUMMM something and suddenly you come all down. That's when we do not know what to do because we had not considered other options, we had not resulted in a time of analysis because doubt is our enemy. The reality is that you only can give you the title you want, whether it was the enemy or the friend, if you use it against you or your favor. Finally, it is your perception of what you have to switch and use it in the right context. All behavior has a positive intention is only to use it at the right time and in perfect circumstances.