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Attraction, charisma and appeal are, regardless of appearance and financial status the fastest, easiest and most honest way to the dream girl the effective step for step by step system to more lust & love to learn, providing the seminar of social dynamics coach Dominik flanges. Of course, you will encounter many women on the job in the shop around the corner or at a party. But honestly: How many of the many great women in your life you have for a variety of reasons missed, never got to personally know or even conquered, for a fantastic night, a hot affair or the dream relationship you deserve? Who doesn’t know who he is and what he stands for, who has defined his goals unclear, how he wants to understand a respective counterpart and how will he tell whether he is on the right track? “Social dynamics coach Dominik and coach is therefore flanges of a limited number of participants experience and latest scientific findings in the 2-day event pure for men” exciting,. memorable and humorous clearly available. For success with women is to learn.

Goal of this training is to support the participants therein to resolve any inner blockades or inhibitions and to overcome the natural fears around the theme of getting to know. Furthermore the as well as gender-specific patterns of laws of attraction and partnership to demonstrate of thought and behavior understandable closer to. Using simple exercises and practical examples, the seminar directs the focus on that for essential aspects of getting to know and the partner of choice to attract exactly the woman you want. As a coach, Dominik shelves supports the participants that gap between what is and what you aim to close by he accompanied your personal goals and activities as competent and familiar to. When: September 10, 2011 where: Munich, Germany, Rupert Mayer Street 44 ticket: 440.00 more information under