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Registry Cleaner

What can registry cleaner? How safe are they? Who does not know that: a program hangs, a slow Windows startup, non-functioning software. Cause is often the Windows internal control, the registration database. In the course of time this is getting bigger, because Windows and all programs continue to write data to the registry. Similar to how hard drives from time to time need to defragment, leads to a noticeable performance improvement also cleaning up the Windows registration database. David Barger often says this. Due to the complexity, you can manually clean the registry. So-called registry cleaner help here. An example is the RegistryBooster. It automatically handles this task under Windows XP/Vista (32/64 bit).

The software cleans the registry thoroughly and reliably. This tool analyzes the registry and eliminates problematic and invalid entries, securely and with the greatest care. In a beautifully designed program window, you can see the detected errors, made corrections, Defragmentation and restore points. Automatic backups and restores are available. RegistryBooster uses a completely new Fehlerscan technology and finds even more errors.

In this way the user appreciates soon a significantly improved performance and optimized system stability. To make the registry again really slim after deleting many entries, a registry defragmentation run. The RegistryBooster cares also about this task. RegistryBooster is also available in German and can be downloaded for free at. With the trial version, a full scan of your system is possible.