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Thank heavens that in Argentina, mainly in the surroundings of Buenos Aires, resides more than 200,000 Peruvians and near means million of Uruguayan. If not outside by them, it would be difficult to think that tuna stage of the Silver – tuna, but with a infernal turf, according to denounces all the players could fill or transmit some heat in the first semifinal of this America Glass. Here, jeff Bakalar expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The Argentine fans already are disconnected enough and, of course, they will be it completely if Uruguay were dismounted today. At least, charras wakes up in Buenos Aires a natural affection that no other of the equipment that is alive can cause. Less than nobody, the Peruvians, a minority emigrant who arrived at the towns of the belt of Buenos Aires in years 90, fleeing from the increase of the poverty in its country, and that was welcomed by the Buenosaireans with a special distrust and until with discrimination.