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Online Printers Stores Test tests online shop for printer Hamburg, July 19, 2012 no matter whether text printing, graphics or photos: A good printer has its firm place in the Home Office. The selection of a new printer is however often difficult due to the large number of different device classes. The decision for a model that fits not to its own requirements, and to the respective volume, can entail high consequential costs. In the Internet, the customer often has a greater selection than in the shop and is even more dependent on a good advice by the online retailer. In July 2012, has tested 16 online shops for printer and shows not only the prices at which providers, but accept also the quality of service and advice. “The test result speaks a clear language: as the only provider in the test, Computeruniverse.NET achieved the score very well” (1.51) and will test winner.

The shop in particular excels in its wide range of printers with excellent product information and versatile delivery options. (good”1.59) ranked second with equally fast as competent mail service. (good”) completed the podium with a grade of 1.66. Prize winner: quality win for the bargain hunters can find test winner Computeruniverse.NET the cheapest deals in the test at Very good with the price touch” gained a narrow edge over the competition and will award winner. and are however just behind Who, however, emphasis also expert advice and quality service sets, which should buy the test winner. As the only shop in the test reaches a very good Computeruniverse.NET”in quality assessment and quality winner that earned before

Best website at and Computeruniverse.NET the title for the best website share and once again the winner each with the best grade of 1.00 (very good”). Both providers meet all test criteria and allow the customer a convenient search for the right product. In addition to a comprehensive online buying advice sites offer versatile filtering options and a separate search after matching ink cartridges and toners. Streaky E-Mail Service hardly any safety deficiencies disappointing fails the conclusion for the customer service via email. Although 15 of the 16 tested online shops on the request answered the accuracy was however poorer: seven provider answered only the first of the two questions, ignoring the second. The speed of the feedback, however, convinced: three shops responded within two, seven more five hours. Safety deficiencies are usually not an issue at the tested shops. 15 of the 16 test candidates use the secure SSL encryption for the transmission of personal data, only an online store transmits unencrypted. Twelve providers have about an Internet seal of approval. More information and results on of the testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with A total of free more than 400,000 test reports and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation. With, consumers can buy the best products at a competitive price quickly, safely, and comfortably. Contact: testwinner Portal AG Hans-Henny-Jahnn-WEG 9 22085 Hamburg Thomas Kimmel, managing editor email: phone: 040-4135-2652