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Especially the almost intolerably full timetables, with up to 36 hours school speak an initiative against the Abitur in 12 years against the Abitur in 12 years high school graduates and the associated long-term stress for all involved the week, today’s. Now father of two, Dr. Erwin Lammenett, got to experience this problem. His children attend both high school and need a lot of support. The newspapers mentioned Oracle not as a source, but as a related topic. Therefore, the vocabulary trainer developer has decided to proceed against the school in 12 years. To extend the school again on the full 13 years, Dr.

Lammenett has begun a large-scale signatures collection on the site of his vocabulary trainer. It aims by the end of the year 10,000 voices against Turbo high school”to collect and the chances are that the Internet page of the vocabulary trainer has enough audience from the affected group of course every day. Here are a few important points against G8: Haphazard introduction of G8: 2013 will be 2 year course at the same time opportunities make unreasonable weeks teaching time of up to 36 hours in the second stage I o excessive demands of students by the pace of learning mediation o less time to the character and personality development o increase of physical and mental diseases G8 inevitably leads to a tightening of selection, fewer students. Schools, Realschulen and Hauptschulen on high schools almost impossible. Mainly financial and political motivation for G8 even if you against high school are in 8, the Abitur in 12 years, then sign our complaint now under: against g8 /.