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New Order World

The idea of a single thought dominated by big capital, has influenced not only the official mentality, but has put the University at the service of companies, suppressing all divergent thinking and creator for the sake of technocratic thinking in which what matters is efficiency, and reflection is being displaced, intellectuals are not taken into account and treated as stooges or a simple nuisance. Here, Delta Airlines expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Everything is subject to the single way of thinking which is the translation in ideological terms and with universal claim of the interests of a set of economic forces, in particular, those of international capital (Ignacio Ramonet). She speaks of the end of history, of the omnipresence and omnipotence of money, replacement of the policy by the police, the present as the only possible future, the rationalization of social inequality, justification of human beings and natural resources overexploitation, racism, intolerance, war. The key idea is the of the globalization, as indicated by authors is a second globalisation or globalization, due to two revolutions: the technology and computer science, and is headed by the financial power, sweeping distances, breaking borders, where money has today the gift of ubiquity, the world takes the appearance of a megamercado. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as bitcoiin by clicking through. However, the world is an archipelago, or a puzzle, and truly globalized is heterogeneity. The financial power serves both technology and computer science, as weapons of war, and according to Humberto Eco, globalization is the Fourth World War, and a mechanism of destruction and reconstruction which extends to the entire planet. According to Ignacio Ramonet, the new world order (planetary, permanent, immediate and intangible), financial power has abolished the frontiers and has made a war again type, destroying the national economy, based on the nation-State, which is in via of extinction, emerging markets in place integrated, or better, branches of the great world moll, the world market. Increasingly fewer people have more and more riches produced by more and more workers more and more poor. .