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Lourival Sources

In the revolution of 30 when Vargas ascends to aopoder, the climate of ideological liberalism was clear in the country, mainly south naregio, Southeastern part of the center-west, where if they concentrated the grandescentros, libertarian, anarchic, communist, trotskistas ideologies dentreoutras circulated in these regions due to the great number of immigrants of the maisvariadas nationalities were common to find literary compositions foreign. Ecom a said revolution liberal the intellectual redoubts of the country acreditavamplenamente that the liberty of speech was one of them pillars of the governovarguista. They were maken a mistake. In 1933 the minister of justice, FranciscoAntunes Maciel published in Daily of decrticas the National Assembly the prohibition the government. Later the subversion of the not seriatolerada public order, as well as all that one that it fomented/contributed for this type deao. In 1935 4 occurs the Communist Conspiracy, this is the perfect alibi Getlio to constitucionalizar the censorship in the EstadoNovo. In order to consolidate its power censor on the society in 1939 it is created oDepartamento of the Press and Propaganda (DIP) that it are directed for the jornalistLourival Sources, this if became the state apparatus as already foracitado previously Vargas perceives the expressive quo the movement comunistaera in the country, and the distrust of a bigger adhesion of popular 6 the libertarian ideas contributes for one ‘ ‘ endurecimento’ ‘ of the policy politics. If previously oDEOPS had as attributions to assure the order in society, protecting physical aintegridade of the citizens, after 1937 ‘ ‘ inimigos’ ‘ fought for estapolcia they would be judged guilty by the simple fact to disagree with> 1945), that it imputed to the DOPS maisatribuies that this would have to assume. This disfigurement of values destainstituio made with that its action possessed ‘ ‘ airs jurdicos’ ‘ , however that the individual that was accused by mesmaencontrava itself in a guilt situation that policialpropriamente preceded the said action.