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Laws And Visas

Since the law you will learn in this section, but here we talk about something that can not be (based on the same Law): Just one can point out such facts that purchase real estate in Lithuania does not confer the right to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania and is not a mandatory part of the procedure, but only a desirable part of Real estate in Lithuania does not guarantee the issuance of your Consulate long-term visa. And only under bilateral agreements and the Schengen rules – may be the reason for obtaining this most desirable multivisa reusable, and at the same time establishes a consul. Of course, as a rule, visas receive 90% of owners But the timing of these visas, not all standard, and everything else must still comply with other rules of premises (office, footage ), should be given the relevant documents with a certain expiry date resident in lithuania you do not get just as well when you make (or purchase) of businesses and legal entities It also has to comply with a number of requirements (types of enterprises, statutory documents, proper separation of shareholders, etc.) permission to stay in lithuania you just do not get, if your personal accounts (or, total annual income) of less than 3000 euros In other words – if you have planned for everything about all the budget less than this amount, then fight their residence permit you will be extremely difficult. Will not use the word 'impossible', because with a strong desire anything is possible, but what you will encounter some difficulties in this situation it can be guaranteed.