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International Financial Leasing

The difficult economic situation in the country, the most acutely affected by domestic engineering. Increasingly difficult to 'survive' machine-building enterprises. No need to explain the reasons what is happening, for scientists, practitioners, managers are clear enough. With countless national resources and huge financial resources, strangely, dramatically increasing investment failure, and more clearly seen negative developments in the industry: the drop in production and sales of machinery and technical products (including products and construction and road engineering), the reduction or even lack of funds for investment and working capital funds: the lack of competitiveness of products and services. In other words, the country's capital resources and virtually no work on economic growth. Of course, the final estimates do not rush, but probably in the form in which market reforms were initiated in industry and continues now, they exhausted themselves. The crisis in the engineering complex makes it necessary to look for different, even the most unconventional, solutions to neutralize and mitigate. One of the concrete and effective ways of 'survival' enterprises of construction and traffic engineering is distribution of lease (rent) in the production and operation of road construction equipment. Gary Kelly is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Services construction equipment – truck – are available in "The Golden Age." In practice, the functioning of the domestic Economy lease (rent) as a flexible credit instrument analog does not. Abroad, the machine-technical lease (rent) is widely spread, has turned into a mutually beneficial system of business operations received a legal registration in the form of the "Convention on International Financial Leasing)" (Ottawa, 5/28/88, the). It should be noted the increasing extension of the lease (rent) and in our country. Its theoretical foundations laid down in several monographs domestic experts. Unfortunately, the machine-technical lease (rent), which has a certain specificity in the business of mechanical engineering, while experiencing an information vacuum and illuminated by a single book on leasing in the machine tool industry. The word "lease" is derived from the British lease – lease. The use of this term in relation to domestic emerging market predetermined relationship need to allocate a new type of lease – finance lease (financial lease). Machine Engineering lease (rent) is based on common principles for all business rentals (Art. 607, 625 Civil Code), according to which the user fee for non-consumable property is available, do not lose their properties during use. Machinery and technical products, including construction machinery and equipment for during the life cycle of the design concept stores and properties, changes (decreases) only its share.