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Hurricane Katrina

"Doing nothing will have to pay" – thought Ivan, surcharge, incidentally, was almost forty percent of the first sum. His machine would-be motorist was still a half months, and paying more for delivery upon receipt of Automatic forwarding office. To its credit, the seller must say that the machine goes, and sow per day. Was a good box! Case 2, Anatoly, in terms of Internet, people advanced. He went once with a friend on a fishing trip in the suburbs. This trip gave him hydro-stroke engine and the considerable expense of a tow truck as a car with Auto towing is not recommended. In Moscow, without a car to a man like Anatoly, well, absolutely nothing.

Roofing traveled for disassembly, for the automobile, looked in the newspapers and the Internet. After thinking a bit, he realized: disassembly and Auto shops are mostly bought engines in the same Europe and the usa. Why pay a commission store if you can drive yourself to order from Germany, a German car. Deciding to act, Anatolia remained, only to find people who are engaged in delivery of the ice in Germany. Orient the price of the engine, helping a known resource, this site offers a lot of spare parts for various brands of cars. In principle, nowhere. Services of the delivery engine offered and Belarusians, and Lithuanians, but with them lately due was a lot of negative stories, stolen, broken parts, "drowned" after Hurricane Katrina, and Kaliningradians, yet ours are Russian. Choose Kaliningrad office, Anatolia advised long-standing friend.