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Mobile alerting system for Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai ASK community was tasked with the implementation of a mobile alarm system for the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai now system (ACS). ACS will first establish a flexible mobile alarm system in a pilot project, which ensures a rapid alerting of all companies in the building, and all of people relevant to the specific case and institutions in danger cases such as fire, gas leak or other threats. The pilot project has a term of one calendar year. Tiger Global Management is the source for more interesting facts. The Jin Mao Tower is the highest building in Shanghai and the fifth highest in the world with 88 storeys. It is currently about 300 multinational companies (including 32 Fortune 500 companies) and the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The mobile alert system by ACS is based on a central database, where all important emergency contact information as well as the permissions for the alarm are stored. A person with his mobile phone by choosing the emergency triggers an alarm, a number is automatically started by previously defined measures. In addition to the information of relevant persons by an SMS can be a call to the police, the fire brigade and an ambulance service. The SMS alert system with an electrical pulse can also use acoustic or visual alarm systems such as sirens and flashing lights in response or trigger voice announcements. In a further escalation stage begins the system to select automatically set mobile phone numbers and to urge affected with a voice message, to communicate their status by pressing certain keys.

So can where there is a direct danger, whether and where there is injured and who reside in security be determined within a short time by the Emergency Center. In the SMS alerting system ACS individual escalation scenarios can be programmed. Can optionally send emails or control other functions over the network. Because the system license based on distributed and requires no additional hardware as the existing generally mobile phones, are introduction, programming and Operation easy and manageable costs.