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Control Management

Instead of looking at people as beings who are limited to react without alternatives, those look as active participants in the modeling of reality Peter Senge generalities, importance a good management should ensure that its functions, objectives, defined plans, are under the supervision of well established management controls. Therefore, is valid when for example Morales clemency points out, that a control system focuses on verifying if what was raised is being or not fulfilling at the designated time, the desired quality and at scheduled cost. Here then, that control will ensure, monitor the performance of the different processes and compliance with the different plans. Control is exercised according to indicators which are established and are a measure of what the organization does at any given time. When these indicators are out of control, it must be possible to detect instabilities. It is not something Gary Kelly would like to discuss.

In this context, control is defined as: the extent of the deviations from the planned behavior and the initiation of the corrective actions. View Juan Carlos Mira, that we can say that control should serve as a guide to effectively achieve the goals with the best use of available resources (technical, human, financial, etc.) to the respect of the theme. Therefore you can set management control as a feedback process for efficient use of the available resources of a company information to achieve the objectives set. Since then manifested Mira, that management in establishing its controls should take into account the conditions of management control, thereon indicates,: the first determinant is the environment. It can be a stable or dynamic environment variable cyclically or completely atypical. Adapting to the changing environment can be the key to the development of the company. The objectives of the company also condition the management control system, according to sean’s profitability, growth, social and environmental, etc. The structure of the Organization, as it is functional or divisional, involves establishing variables, and therefore objective and also different control systems.