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Colony City

A city Historical Patrimony of the Humanity MUST BE VISITED In good time. It is impossible to realise anyone of all our strolls if nonACCOUNT with hour amplitude. All our visits give like result an ample and very productive interchange of knowledge. We did not raise nor we hoped to realise a monologue. The guided stroll loses its attractive major if the passenger does not interact with the guide.

The attractiveness besides knowing the city is the one to share with the visitor mutual ours saberes. We promote the update and modernization of a classic tourist activity. Of all the tourist services offered by agencies and contracted by their clients, City tour occupies a very important place, and in the majority of the cases, they are in favor low-achieving as much of the agencies or evil used by the guides, being a lost one from money and mainly from time for that them contract. We emphasize to the strolls guided like " The ACTIVIDADen any trip. Extreme – dynamic, this activity, needs intelligent actions and reactions, you practice, fast, especially by its informative character or of direction to the visitor.

We led ourselves the wonderful task of transmitting and of bringing back to consciousness to the cultural consumers, in its habits and the things that are trying to assimilate, simply we oriented, because the information today, as all we know or we imagined, is much more ample on things that previously not even we knew that they existed, like the preservation and revaluation of the patrimony, tangible and intangible. The attention and CUSTOMIZED information that we offered (at the required levels at the moment) have, it from before the game towards Colony, to the arrival and throughout the time that remains in the city. Simply, (everything what needs), is to locate to us from any part of the world via email and/or by telephone and to communicate what is its restlessness.