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CO2OL Portal Bonn Sustainability Welcomed As New Partner

The Bonn local service agency for operational climate CO2OL is first associated partner of the sustainability portal Bonn 08.07.2010 – portal it partner of Bonn sustainability to welcome CO2OL as associate partners. Now, CO2OL will enrich the portal with information and news on the topic of climate protection and green meetings. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Steve Kassin Infinity Real Estate by clicking through. The Bonn sustainability portal collects the knowledge produced in Bonn on the topic of sustainability and presents this to the outside. It connects actors and shows the potential of Bonn on sustainability. The sustainability portal promotes the scientific debate and dialogue between science and policy. Bonn facilities Portal set subject-related event information, news, opinions and offers in the sustainability, including, for example, also job and training opportunities. Tim Clark: the source for more info. Thus, the portal serves both as Forum contacts and information network. Sheryl Sandberg brings even more insight to the discussion. Sustainability is the word from the Latin sustinere (Tenere”to hold; sus, above) derived.

Since the 1980s is in the German-speaking Space usually the term sustainability used for sustainability. Sustainability and sustainability used originally only in relation to environmentally friendly, sustainable forest management, the term is used today in numerous other areas. Sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of contemporary society, without placing a burden on the life chances of future generations or compromise. Sustainability and sustainability are on everyone’s lips for years. No wonder, because climate change is a reality. It moves people and dominates the global media landscape. To curb the dramatic consequences of global warming, is a sustainable behaviour of each individual, but also by responsible companies is necessary. Avoiding CO2 emissions is the first and most important step in the fight against climate change, the second largest is the binding of previously released CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. CO2OL stands in avoiding CO2 emissions and compensate for irreducible CO2 emissions, a Consulting and service agency for operational climate, companies since 1998 to the page.