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Aurelio Baldor Angel Algebra

First of all we needed to train humanists. Bibliography: Algebra De Baldor aurelio baldor r, the author of the book that more wide-awake terror in the students of baccalaureate of all Latin America, was not born in Baghdad. It was born in Havana, Cuba, and its more difficult problem was not a mathematical operation, but the revolution of Fidel Castro. That was the unique unfinished equation of the creator of the Algebra of Baldor, a calm lawyer and mathematician who locked in themselves during long days in his room, armed only of pencil and paper, to write a text that from 1941 terrifies and gets passionate to million of students of all Latin America.

The Algebra of Baldor, even more than the Quijote of La Mancha, is the book more consulted in the schools and schools from Tijuana to the Patagonia. Tenebrous for some, mysterious for others and definitively indecipherable for the adolescents who try to solve his ” miscelneas” to high hours of the dawn, it is a text that remains in the head of three generations that they ignore that his author, Aurelio Baldor Angel, are not the terrible Arab man whom she observes with calculated disdain his intimidated students, but the son smaller of Gertrudis and Daniel, been born the 22 from October of 1906 in Havana, and carrier of a last name that means ” valley of oro” and that traveled from Belgium to Cuba without touching the Earth of Scherezada. Baldor, the great Daniel Baldor resides in Miami and is the third party of the seven children of the famous mathematician. Investor, consultant and man of finances, Daniel lived next to his parents, their six brothers and sacrificed nana black accompanied that them for more than fifty years, the drama that it showed no mercy with the family in the days of the revolution of Fidel Castro..