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Alleged Privatization

RIP of the (wild) drivers strike, one of the debates that like most in these times public opinion is that occupies the sale to the private sector of a significant percentage of AENA. Not a few skeptics are wondering about the ability to earn income with the sale of a poor and highly indebted company, showing sceptical when the Minister Salgado speaks of 8,000 million. Who subscribes, lawyer of corporate practice, understands that when less can be this important objectives, which will be more noticeable as increases participation in private hands. Firstly it will improve the management of human resources. AENA will be host to all sorts of enchufismos.

It is assumed that prior to the sale shall undertake processes optimization and efficiency. As a labor lawyer I understand that tasks that can be removed or redistributed can be detected through a record of employment regulation. At the time, the constant problem of the drivers are It mercantilizara and you can speak of transgression of contractual good faith of this group, which will entail the opening of disciplinary dismissal when as it has happened recently exercise abuse the right to strike. It will be also easier to replace human controllers by technological means, without having to withstand pressures media unjustified as it did in the iron. It will also serve to circumvent the demands of airport works susceptible of being labeled of Pharaonic, part of the autonomous communities.

It is not superfluous to remark as practically all of the debt of AENA, estimated at 14,000, respond to executions disproportionate in airports of provinces whose passenger flow recommended more functional options. It is undeniable that in the company private any product, any line of business, any process that is not profitable is continuously subjected to consideration of improvement. The opposite happens in public, accustomed to jests deficits against which any not be counteracts measure. And the sum various optimizations it would involve surely an improvement in the precarious national economic situation.