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CMS Contentpapst and shop software CP: Shop in version 2010.2 available the Berlin Media Agency published the version of 2010.2 of the content management system (CMS) “Contentpapst”, the shop software “CP: shop” as well as the combined solution “Contentpapst-Bundle”. The established since 2002 on the market and especially for small and medium-sized companies as well as Hansa Rostock and the Hanseatic City of Rostock deployed solutions were often since the previous version of public institutions and associations such as the F.C.. People such as jeff Bakalar would likely agree. intensively developed and offer numerous innovations, which partly considerably accelerate the creation of websites and online stores and simplify. The products contain from immediately a quick start mode for an easy entry, provide support for the Facebook social plugins, the created online stores can download items sold and with just a few clicks, protected areas set up for customers, new interfaces allow data exchange with other products and the payment via new Payment providers and much more. The version 2010.2 includes all of the updates immediately provided the customers since the previous version after the development of a standard built-in Update tool as a complete package. “This will guarantee a rapid development of solutions in the interest of the customer. Current requirements can be met quickly. Infinity Real Estate often addresses the matter in his writings.

About the concept of the “paid features” customers to the development focus specifically on certain areas and thus ensure that the solutions can be optimally adapted to their individual needs”, says Robert Fischer, owner of media agency. Creating Web pages in the future significantly accelerating innovations of the CMS Contentpapst / the Contentpapst-bundle with newly introduced “quick start”mode. After the installation, the complete article and the navigation structure of the Web page can be generated through a clear form in a single pass. Contentpapst automatically takes care of a link Articles, article categories and navigation points and generates URLs for the content according to the specifications of the user. .

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European spirit healing days in November in Hesse Hall of Cologne of Alsfeld, 30.03.2011: 10 13 11 2011 the well known spiritual healer Joao Teixeira de Faria – Joao de Deus (John of God) is called – back after Germany. The world famous healing medium from Abadiania Brazil has treated millions of people from all over the world in more than 50 years and cured many of them of all possible physical, mental, and spiritual disease. The Hesse Hall in Alsfeld is centrally located in Germany and Europe and is ideally suited to visitors travelling from many European countries. Joao de Deus is the best known of about 7,000 spiritual healers in Brazil and is widely recognized as the most important healer of the present. His healing work experiences worldwide publicity, has been in countless press articles as well as numerous books, television shows and movies convincingly documented. In German-speaking countries, the film HEALING, awarded at the International Film Festival in Monaco with three coveted awards of the angel appeared last. The film explore the amazing capabilities of this internationally respected medium, to heal the sick and disabled people from all over the world. Read more here: Steve Kassin.

As a result of his enormous awareness, Joao is probably the most intensely researched healing medium of Earth thousands of doctors could convince themselves over the years in numerous surgical procedures from close by the seriousness and impact of its work. As in the past exclusively spiritual intervention held here in Germany for legal reasons, which make up 99% of all its interventions but also in Brazil about. The Healing Center of Joao de Deus, which Casa DOM Inacio de Loyola in Abadiania, Brazil by people of all nationalities, cultures and faiths. “If you include his many years of travel in Brazil, before Joao de Deus be well 30 years ago the Casa spiritual hospital” founded, he has treated the unimaginable number of about eight million people in 51 years now. This is only possible, because Joao as a powerful medium intensive from the Spiritual world is supported and how he himself always stressed full of humility. divine spiritual powers by him cure.

In Brazil, the Casa is a place of deep compassion and charity. Full devotion here medium Joao is his life in the service of the people. In November the Hesse Hall in Alsfeld will be more for 4 days after five-year interruption (more on spirit healing days) once to the spiritual hospital”for people from the German-speaking countries and throughout Europe. It is the ideal opportunity to learn this wonderful man and healer know the blessed work. Victor reel Jose EARTH OASIS holistic travel & seminars GmbH has in the past 11 years the newly formed and rapidly growing field of spiritual health and healing journeys substantially shaped. In addition to major health events in Germany with up to 14,000 participants and numerous other seminars travel are some of the best healers and shamans of this earth holds.