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XP Power

XP power comprehensive s AC/DC PSU range XP power knowing that is not a development project or product equal to the other. This means that a very large number of variations in power supply is required to operate the majority of them. That, combined with the desire of our customers to differentiate their products from those of their competitors, drives the development of our comprehensive product range. Source: Oracle. Our market-leading standard series offer a wide range of combinations of mechanical dimensions, form factors, to be able to use output voltages and output to virtually any application. Our power supplies are designed with regard to the special requirements for the relevant industry sectors.

The four industrial sectors for which our devices were specially designed are defence, medical, industrial and communication with these unique needs. Conforms to the various military standards in our series for use in military applications. Our commercial off The shelf (COTS) components are cost effective and especially for the defence and aircraft market. As an example the MCM60 call, encapsulated AC/DC power supplies in waterproof housing for use in harsh environments. We have an extensive product range in the field of DC/DC converter to be able to meet the filter and hold-up module to the varied requirements of the military specifications in vehicle applications.

Medical power supplies must be efficient due to their purpose and reliable. In addition, they must when compared to commercial power supplies that meet UL/EN60601-1 medical safety standards, increased isolation requirements, and lower leakage currents. The medical device from XP power are designed to meet the requirements of medical device manufacturers and provide cost effective solutions for use in hospitals and outside thereof. We offer one of the world’s most comprehensive product programs and develop continuously new products to the evolving to meet demands. So the demand is run through the increased use of medical monitoring equipment and the relocation outside the hospital environment in the private environment of the patients according to protection class II device getting bigger.