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With Paper Planes Against The Bulk Paper Consumption

Beautiful Office GmbH hosted a workshop for the perfect document processing in Magdeburg, October 2009 can you imagine about how much paper is consumed on the day? With a per capita consumption of about 250 kilograms (as of 2006) Germany is one of the largest consumers of paper worldwide. Despite new media such as E-Mails are many companies far from the paperless office. Going against a piece of beautiful Office Technology GmbH in Magdeburg and hosted a live workshop on this subject, to raise digital document processing contractor for the topic. In the oldest locomotive shed of in Germany, Magdeburg, more than 30 regional firms through an efficient and digital document archiving solutions information. Together with experts, Managing Director Klaus Schon presented innovative ways to print, copy, email, fax and digitized documents. Heino Brosenne showed all-round solutions to the paper industry targeted as a guest speaker and forward-looking to organize. Total was five hours lectures and experiments to provide opportunities and benefits of a paperless office. Finally the company in a small paper airplane competition could say goodbye to symbolically by the mass consumption of paper. The well visited Roundhouse has proven that there are still enough responsible companies, the paper consumption is not indifferent. Due to the large response, a second TopOrg is already”the beautiful Office GmbH planned in the coming year. * Logos and images can be requested free of charge under.