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Let's start with the fact that entrance examinations in the usual sense of the word, no. The biggest misconception with whom I have met the following. Our people are firmly convinced that at any point of light the system of education are exactly the same: the student finishes school, puts it in his pocket matriculation, is scheduled to university exams and, under favorable circumstances arrive. Do not dwell on the sad outcome this situation. In the U.S., a completely different system to the universities and colleges. First, in most cases, the applicants have no idea of the "I'll only come to MSU" (quote thought expressed in the Russian mentality).

Except, perhaps, can make only institutions such as conservatories and other similar institutions. In the case of the average American high school student decides, for example: "I want to work in banking system. " Then he makes a list of universities and training colleges, specialty "Finances". After that, he or she is familiar with the conditions of admission to various universities in the chosen specialty. Each University has its own list of documents, but everywhere he is headed GPA student evaluation of the school and a passing score on the Test SAT (Es-ay-ti) or ACT (hey-si-ty). About 80% of school 4 years of education use the results of these tests is to make a decision about enrolling a student. Dwell on the fact that this is a test in more detail.

First of all we should say that every college or university in advance to announce the passing score on this test. Accordingly, a high school student, having a desire to enroll in certain universities, for a couple of years before postuplaniya knows what about points he needed to call. He starts to pull out of school if this necessary, and prepare for the SAT or ACT. Most students take the test during their penultimate or early in their last years in high school.