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United States

In the U.S. elections it usually always be cause for debate to ensure that such power in front to its external dangers. Republicans tend to want to hunt votes by proposing more harshly to such threats. Bush pulled out before points proposing be that more could face to Osama and Saddam. For the presidential elections of November 4 McCain began to recover offering as the expert military able to rein in Russia, while Putin denouncing the Republicans of having provoked the Georgian incursion into Ossetia for electoral purposes. Today the recent expulsion of ambassadors of the United States of Venezuela and Bolivia is used by McCain to denounce Obama for having proposed dialogue with Chavez, who wanted to present as a dictator and terrorist pro. His vice Palin poses to avoid buying oil to Caracas should be drilled in the natural reserves of Alaska. Obama, for his part, proposes that a new international image is required to confront these dangers, which have grown thanks to hawks in Bush.