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And never, going to opposite your partner to recognize feelings of suffering, shown Stoics. Talk about the relationship with your partner and how to resolve conflicts evade it, displays annoying, feel that it is a waste of time and what your partner should adjust their expectations. Connoisseurs of his great ability to circumvent emotions, you dan lap and lap. The couple feels more and more bewildered, confused and to not vary, guilty for not complying with the image that this couple returns. Because, that, Yes!, want admiration and a spotless reflection of its people; But what they give back to their companion or partner are distorted images. They are insatiable with admiration. The couple ends up exhausted because is it not recognized before his eyes, before his eyes, before his words.

It is hard to be someone for whom you feel sitting or in the arms of God. Narcissistic there are several constants that are repeated endlessly in love: pretend, humiliate, belittle, blame, spit any vexation on the other, but above all, a great contempt for the human person. Really who despise their own humanity, vulnerability, susceptibility and the experience of affectivity. Hence, your contempt front who behaves like a human being in a really. In general, choose couples that have this counterpart.

While the duration of relationship feed that sensitivity and energy, and once dead, loose it leaving it with all its helplessness. Generally choose men or women that have love for life, have a sense of belonging, which like the world and which are simple and refined, authentic. But the passage of time, just always being devastating to that joy of living if you’re living in a relationship of this nature, you’ve probably suffered the vicissitudes of the grandeur of your partner enough, and insensitive forms of be facing you in couple relationships with this kind of love in general, lead to destructive behaviors for either of the two.