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The Toy Library

" – Definition of Raimundo Dinello: "The Toy Library space for expression are playful, creative, transformed by the imagination, fantasy and creativity of children, youth, adults and grandparents where everybody has fun with spontaneity, freedom and joy." Of these definitions and the current reality of the centers, it extracts the feature of the Games: The work, taking the game as the core of the intervention. Therefore, the physical environment and programming (structured around the educational intervention project and center) should always be related to the game world and the toy. For all the above in this paragraph, the Toy Library is justified by the loss of play space on the street, lack of playmates that this brings, the declining number of children in the family, the unavailability of play materials and of course the game's recognition as an essential element in child and youth development. The Toy Library provides training that is developed in an open, without pressure or haste so that, thus, operate in terms of real needs and not adaptable or resistance devices. In the cities, mainly the obstacles that children have to enjoy the game are remarkable. Of Hence the shape Ludotecas therefore a necessary resource for the child free time to be valued by all who have responsibilities in the training of young people. The Toy Libraries are spaces for play: recreational and cultural centers designed especially for children and adolescents, with a mission to develop the personality of the child through play and toys mostly. .