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The Four

Later one inclined forwards to say to me in whisper almost that was shortage the secret and terrible name of God. I inconvenienced myself before this exit and by to have allowed the old one that patraa entered house with resemblance. " It would be an impoliteness to send to the street, to undo to me of l" , I thought. They were the four and thirty of afternoon and still were much, so that the day was low-achieving listening to the deliriums of a subject owned by senility, refunfu. Was easy, said to me, we have granted him to God so many names as they have been happened to us, but we have ignored the fact that the Creator knows itself itself by which He himself has chosen. It cannot present it because it would be like dominating it, like serving to us as its essence. Now, with this knowledge, I can say that I am almost like God.

Immediately afterwards it enumerated all the nouns and names by which, memory, I have known the divinity of the universal monotheist. The list was long and in a point it got to clear certain somewhat brazen voices in unknown and secret languages. If you knew, friend mine, that the eternity can be well-known by a delicate aspiration of the air, combined with the conjunction of certain bubbling produced by the gas encounter certain, some elements and the cosmic silence turned into atonic syllable. I say that a bubble to him of saliva in its mouth, to the being burst by the air would pronounce the terrible secret. Also it can do it crepitar of an overwhelmed hepatic cell by the impiedad of liquor or the song of the most intimate and remote oquedad of the cardiac muscle when it stimulates desire, the joy or the rage to him.