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The Domain

This is a positive aspect of free templates, web site. The truth is often the template design already programmed on the basis of one of the existing free systems administration, so that here, too, may be what some of the problem. You will probably need to understand the nuances of the cms itself and connect to it a certain template web site. Then one of the stages, which you will need to think about – a free domain for your representation. Here you'll have to register only the domain of third level such as –, where – this domain is already in someone's property.

People's confidence to such a resource is frankly very low, because there will be posted on your website. And plus the entire roll out such a domain in search engines will be very hard, unlike the domain of 2 levels. In this connection, saving funds to pay the domain registration in the future can turn into lost potential customers and a decrease in confidence in the eyes of the search portals. Realizing all these factors further step will be to search for free free web hosting, which will in future be located a Web site of the company. The choice of any cms is also reflected in the conditions for hosting.

Such a host must support php and database MySQL, plus everything is almost always proposed for use on unix database systems in conjunction with Apache. As a result, after posting a Web site you can get a site whose speed is so slow that users of the site most often will close your resources and not waiting for it to boot. Therefore, to find free hosting is not a simple matter. Thus, the manufacturer web site for free – this is a very real problem, but will need to spend many days in Internet delving into the intricacies of integrating the template admin panel, features configuration and installation of different modules, the subtleties of choice for non-commercial web hosting site. In the course of production there are still many do not matters described herein, many of whom not having certain knowledge will not be easy. Therefore, unless your company wants to work fast resource that will lead you to potential customers and make returns to sacrifice personal time or, as always, pay and reserve site in the studio, get a quality web site with a stylish, unlike other web sites web design, working quickly and with round the clock technical support. In addition to the studio at any time you can get answers on all questions connected with the nuances of making the company's site. Which way to go to you.