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So, an employee with high communication skills is better used as in background activities in customer contact. Goal of placement is that each employee can develop his talents for the benefit of the entire team the best in his field of activity. Run through targets in modern enterprises are the main instrument in a system of management with targets (management by objectives, MbO) objectives: the Executive agreed objectives in the conversation of the target agreement with their employees and transfers them the responsibility for their successful implementation. This requires appropriate skills, sense of responsibility and a degree of maturity of the staff. In the dialogue with the individual employees the Executive monitors their progress and the Progress of the whole team in achieving the objectives set, give feedback and provides support.

This now also the competences of managers are in demand. At the end of the target agreement period, the success of the employee as compared to the targets is determined and reflected in the target conversation of achievement of. This includes the review of achievements and the search for future solutions for difficulties. Performance must again pay the coupling of the variable remuneration of the individual performance is a way to give incentives for all staff. Depending, as the remuneration in the company is regulated, lack of variable compensation in high – or underperformance can be very noticeable.

In this way, variable remuneration can offer a financial incentive to increase engagement and performance. A further important component within the leadership is taking different roles and leadership styles in the leadership. On the whole, successfully has an employee the Executive worked, rather takes the role of an accompanying coach and less a reviewer managers. This means for example changing roles of leading through questions and to coach the employees with regard to the achievement of objectives. If necessary and possible support in an appropriate manner can be offered him.