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Customs Escort

Customs escort to protect the cargo and deliver you from unnecessary emotions. To imagine that such customs clearance, you can compare this operation with the baggage at the border. Very much complexity, mass communication with different people. The border guards are doing all they can to prevent penetration of unwanted items and people. But very few people care about comfort as it were, themselves passengers. All are only interested in security of the country. Tourists – do not count. The same can be observed in the system of transport in Russia.

If the West has at least some order, then in the Russian system is not only a lot of red tape, and walking the chain of command, but also the very real risk with a cargo of general leave. Since in some cases, Customs can occur even seizure of the goods. Yes and it is difficult to imagine that For example, business unit manager will go to flight with the driver, and will be there with him and a freight forwarder to solve problems. A case in the office will leave to chance. And hopefully even on the most responsible forwarder can also only to a certain extent.

And it's not always problems that arise along the way, may be within its competence. There are situations where without the help of a professional to do this is simply impossible. And sometimes we can talk about itself This legal support. And we should not think that such a situation – it's so rare. Of course, that the best option would be to order customs escort of a specialized organization, because customs services in Belgorod now very common because of its relevance. But, even contacting the appropriate organization, to as much as possible to discuss in detail exactly how the service will be provided. It is known that transport could be very different in nature. This may be the import of goods across the border, and an expert in their countries of Europe, or near-abroad countries. But in any case, whatever the character was not wearing a This type of traffic, each type will have its own characteristics. Which should take into account those people who will provide customs support this load. For example, if we go on the import of such products, to possible difficulties with sanitation control, and duration of the examination of food. That must be performed in specialized laboratories, with the participation of narrowly focused specialists. That again will increase the period of such examination. In a technically complex goods problem may lie in the fact that this kind of products usually requires special conditions of carriage. Their compliance in this case is no less important than, for example, with the movements of perishable products. And if a road accident occurs, and the merchandise is damaged, the customs broker Customs clearance will to ensure that the cargo owner has received compensation for spoiled cargo. And in some cases, the functions of customs escort may include more items and check for compliance. What makes the purchase completely safe for the purchaser. And in the function of some companies engaged in customs escort may include also such a service, such as monitoring movement of cargo. That is, the client, call the company, can find out where is currently in its cargo. And in some cases may even determine its status. And the arrival time at each specific point of his voyage. In some cases it may be necessary to determine the terms delivery.

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Modern Science

But modern science in the face its scientists did not want to admit that these changes owe their origin to the magnetism of Akasa or the plasma universe, constantly generating electrical currents, which tend to restore balance. State of the sky can be set changes the magnetism of the Earth and we are an established fact that it is the magnetism of the Earth produces a wind storm and rain. What science knows about the past is a minor symptoms, always produced by this magnetism, and perhaps soon, it could open their present delusions. Also terrestrial magnetic attraction of meteoric dust, and direct effects of the last to sudden changes in temperature, especially with against heat and cold, not a fixed issue still to this day. And if scientists accept the fact that the relative distribution and proportion of land and water on the globe may be required to excessive over it of meteoric dust, snow, especially in our northern areas, full of meteoric iron and magnetic particles, deposition of the last here that can be even at the bottom of the seas and oceans. Therefore, we are surprised at how science is still not understood, that each atmospheric change and all perturbations occur at the junction of the magnetism of the two large masses, between which our atmosphere is compressed. We call a meteor dust 'mass', because it really is. High above our earth's surface air is impregnated and space filled with magnetic and meteoric dust, which does not even belong to our solar system.

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