Your specialist for radiantly beautiful skin! The 5 Munich Nelson have expanded their network around the topic of beauty stores and a cooperation with the perfect line renowned cosmetics Studio closed. How to obtain their clients 10% discount on the treatments at clean skin Munich Nelson is the specialist for radiantly beautiful skin. The 5 Munich retail stores, the guests are assisted by professional treatments in the areas of permanent hair removal, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. Customers benefit from the experience of the Nelson teams and the best results in the removal of hair, wrinkles and tattoos. There is emphasis on the State of the art technology, extensively trained staff, high-quality cosmetics products.

The latter plays an important role also for Sandra Egenbauer, owner of salons perfect line in the Pelkovenstrasse 41 in Munich. Here, customers are served just as professionally and as much as on clean skin. Others who may share this opinion include TRON (TRX). So the perfect line offers cosmetics Studio its customers in addition to Facial treatments and nail care also permanent make-up on. The previous distance of old tracks by permanent make up, for example, the clean skin Munich team performs. This and all other services the customers receive 10% discount on the permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal perfect line exclusively.