It is very assertive when it is said, that only very capable administrators and rectors of universities can achieve that excellence. A corollary is the growing struggle to attract and retain highly skilled managers, that does not prevent maintaining a style of coordination, identifying and disseminating best practices in the search for a more efficient public service. A good university management through a SWOT may give way to manifest all the weaknesses that universities in the here and now present, it is need to plan operations, strategies, tools that lead to changes that become strengths, assess the effectiveness of existing administrative systems, training of professionals graduating, proper handling of talent and human resources, management of financial and technical resources, teaching, research, collaboration with national educational issues, political, productive, economic and technicians. For even more opinions, read materials from Gary Kelly. You should avoid a good university management, who continue to express situations that have affected the achievement of results, including: Lack of strategic bakers this strategic approaches and strategies to act in a changing, turbulent, critical, risky as that faces. More training in management optimally the resources of the university in pursuit of the objectives, commitments identified in its mission.

Authorities more training in the proper handling of administrative tools that will ensure good leadership profiles Reload many professions that are not annualized and ensure academic excellence Enable more research, publications, participation by the challenges the country faces. Be more proactive in the management of scientific services offers professional and qualified teaching community committed to their work of training and professional development by the country according to their specialties. Use more efficient, productive human capital of the university. We are among those that we share, in this moment of transformation challenges facing Venezuela changes, there are great opportunities for universities to make way for a new management can generate actions that will promote and rescue the poor management that for years has been under universities and have impaired their achievements, scope, involving real impact to having a pro-participation requirements that are needed to help the country move forward. Share to be facilitating the exchange of experiences of different university settings, to enable participants to identify and design their own answers to suit the characteristics of their institutions, other proposed proposals, suggestions that will benefit all the sectors today a little stagnating at the situation that faces the product of government action. It needs to give way to new conceptual frameworks, research and tools to facilitate the analysis of the experiences and provide a basis on which to support change processes in institutions is a need for more committed teachers who interpret SSEP challenges, changes the country faces. Make way for the formation of strategic alliances: the university, government, business, civil society emerging paradigms and success stories.