The European economic crisis that threatens to spread like wildfire around the world, seems to be the announcement of times of great upheaval. Countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece try to adjust to reforms that will help them out of the tight situation in which are found. These measures were initiated to rescue their respective economies to ensuring long-term stability does not come without costly consequences. The image of the first world of socio-economic development, progress material, so admired by some and envied by others, guarantee of healthy finance model, constant revenues; It has simply collapsed. Cloud computing often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Now in that region, cradle of civilization, the ancient world has entered a stage of wear, confusion, uncertainty, as if touching you pass through a dark alley that can’t find the exit. Germany, for the moment, still strengthened amid neighbors who claim an advantage in terms of its exports. However, do not know until when this relative supremacy, will last if all Forms depend on very close to her bruised markets. The benefit with this European crisis appear to be countries of emerging economies, those that have a great perspective on the big leap and consolidate a development after the continuity of policies of open market and increasingly stronger democratic systems. Surely waiting with open arms to foreign capital eager to settle on lands that provide them a safety loss in their home countries and help them recover from their lean situation. Now as in the past, these markets fresh, with lots of potential to be exploited again be attractions to save the first world of the collapse. Maybe won’t be the route of spices or gold precisely but yes of the big opportunities to make fortune through very beneficial economic and employment facilities. When the great wave of depression looming not so heavily hit these shores. There are probable paths that will continue investments in search of take root.