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Economic Solidity

When thinking of starting any business is essential to know thoroughly the scenario where to be performed and if the idea is to invest in Panama then you should check the data you will leave then that will surely give you more peace of mind and strengthen your trust in this country in Central America. Economic stability is one of the fundamental pillars of this country, your best business card next to the good and also stable base that presents the State and its institutions. The dollar, the currency stronger in the region and almost of much of the world is, since the dawn of the last century in the year 1904, is a currency whose course is as legal as the own Balboa, the official currency in Panama. This makes many economic and financial transactions simpler and also makes it easier to invest in Panama to know first hand and very quickly the real costs of goods, real estate and ultimately the cost of living in this country. The level of inflation, a term that is known and much in developing countries, is practically very low and this allows you to invest in Panama with the reassurance of not finding surprises in the economy. In his system of Government regards, more than 20 years ago that he lives in a continuous democracy and Presidents, elected by popular vote, have happened and worried about achieving development that is seen today in the Republic of Panama. Hard to get almost almost work invalidate corruption and crime rates, and achieve an increase in the figures that indicate the level of employment is only a part of the achievements, which certainly attracts more people to invest in Panama. Two factors of safety for investment and that diminish the risks, fundamental pillars to decide to invest in Panama without wasting more time..

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Business Intelligence

When Business Intelligence can be an indispensable business tool to maintain and grow the competitiveness of a company? Because companies have given a 180 degree turn in the understanding of its business focusing all their efforts, resources and strategies in knowledge of their clients. This philosophy has not only to be present in the everyday work of departments of sales or marketing, which is linked by nature, but absolutely in all departments of the company. Therefore, the most precious differential value which can have a comnpania is the degree of knowledge of your customer. The depth of this knowledge will allow managers make better decisions in your daily management. All companies are obliged to become every day more competitive in order to survive in increasingly demanding markets, so the transformation of data into information system and This knowledge, is a global and vital necessity for the organizations.

Therefore, the Businnes Intelligence tool and the implementation of such system conceptualized properly, will improve the future competitiveness of enterprises. What degree of knowledge is there right now in the market with respect to Business Intelligence? BI is a technology available to organizations, and also a framework for the management of corporate performance, a continuous cycle by which companies define their objectives, analyze its progress, acquire knowledge and make their decisions. Currently occurs in the market only as a technical system being, in reality, a socio-technical system. In a BI process is essential to use and deploy other tools of management (management tools) to make the system effective. However, a company is composed by a multitude of links that they interconnect the different departments, and technology is the support that transforms the data from the various departments in information. The idea is to derive knowledge from data collected. information and of this knowledge, is a global and vital necessity for organizations. Therefore, the Bussiness Intelligence tool and the implementation of such system properly conceptualized, will improve the future competitiveness of enterprises.

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