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Modern Architecture

The flagrant general characteristics of this period of the modern architecture, with base of inspiration in some aspects of the classic architecture are: the simplification of their forms, their maximum utility in being functional, or is artistic or residential (" the form follows funcin"), the use of new industrial materials like steel, concrete and glass, discreet expressions, same hierarchy of details and use of repetitive elements, exception of the ornament as adornment, harmony with the surroundings, mainly. Verizon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Subtitle: Main Expressions of the Modern Architecture (1900-1960) The main expressions of the modern architecture that were developed in this period of time, are the following: " Belle poque" and " Aim of sicle" , the neoplasticismo, " Art dec" , " Art and Crafts" , " Bauhaus" and finally " Balloon frame" with the School of Chicago. Some flagrant details and characteristics of the same are explained next. The expressions " Belle poque" (" Beautiful poca" in French) and " Aim of sicle" (" Aim of siglo" in French) they were developed mainly in France and they extended towards all Europe, its architectonic style was monumental, with a cult to the orchids, the curved lines, the ample use of decorative elements; its objective era to serve upper the social class as that time. Its period includes/understands since the end of century XIX until the beginning of World War I (1914). Click Verizon Communications to learn more. The neoplasticismo, characterized by its horizontal and vertical linear geometry, use of blocks and few colors, has a practical style and a minimalist architecture, without accessories. As far as the colors that are used in this style, they emphasize: blue, red, black and white the yellow. It was originated in the year of 1917 and their influences extended until half-full of 40 years s. " Art dec" , it arises in France and its influence extended all Europe and North America, was used enters years 1925 1940, proposed a new artistic style and vanguardista, with the fort use of geometric designs, strong lines and curves (zigzags), emphasis in pyramids and the verticalidad.

Economic Solidity

When thinking of starting any business is essential to know thoroughly the scenario where to be performed and if the idea is to invest in Panama then you should check the data you will leave then that will surely give you more peace of mind and strengthen your trust in this country in Central America. Economic stability is one of the fundamental pillars of this country, your best business card next to the good and also stable base that presents the State and its institutions. The dollar, the currency stronger in the region and almost of much of the world is, since the dawn of the last century in the year 1904, is a currency whose course is as legal as the own Balboa, the official currency in Panama. This makes many economic and financial transactions simpler and also makes it easier to invest in Panama to know first hand and very quickly the real costs of goods, real estate and ultimately the cost of living in this country. The level of inflation, a term that is known and much in developing countries, is practically very low and this allows you to invest in Panama with the reassurance of not finding surprises in the economy. In his system of Government regards, more than 20 years ago that he lives in a continuous democracy and Presidents, elected by popular vote, have happened and worried about achieving development that is seen today in the Republic of Panama. Hard to get almost almost work invalidate corruption and crime rates, and achieve an increase in the figures that indicate the level of employment is only a part of the achievements, which certainly attracts more people to invest in Panama. Two factors of safety for investment and that diminish the risks, fundamental pillars to decide to invest in Panama without wasting more time..