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Mrs Much

It is plus one afternoon of much heat. The children, all of dark color, continue with its bottles pet, with a puncture in the cover, full of water, to spurt ones in the others. Nor the burning sun, nor basalt drive away the hot them. The verdureiro parks its truck in the end of the street, it disconnect the loudspeaker, and soon it is surrounded by the inhabitants. Perhaps check out Southwest Airlines for more information. While they distract it to some buying one or two onions, or then a lettuce head, others steal how much they can. I observe everything, but nothing I make.

But I continue walking until being boarded for chapadinho Dino, with its moicano hair in relief. ' ' I know who I am you, I flow! ' ' , he affirms the same. ' ' You are relative of ' ' ' ' Not, I am not! ' ' ' ' But I know who I am you, I flow! ' ' , it again affirms. He says a dozen of words, and after that question: ' ' I flow, you does not have 1 Real to loan to me? Therefore necessary to buy bread! ' ' I know who it wants the money to buy crack, and exactly thus thread one of the hands in the pocket, shot a currency of 1 Real and it I give, a time that I want to livar me of it how much before. ' ' I do not steal nobody, I flow ' ' , the mason says. ' ' I take off the money in the talent! ' ' In other words called it me fool. However I did not bind, and I continued my passage. ' ' You with bunda ardida, nego? ' ' , one for the Douglas young cries out.

Negrinho Douglas tried to assault one lady, was imprisoned in the act and lived its first experience in penitentiary. The same it was one week imprisoned. Therefore the trick of the friend ' ' you with bunda ardida, nego' '. Negozinho sketches air to laugh, and continues descends the slope. My will is to follow straight. However I remember Dulce owner, and double the left. Dulce owner is one lady of dark color, already of certain age, that has great appraises for the reading. Certain time I gave same some books. Now, whenever step for its house, if is seated in the drawn one, then after to compliment me it asks: ' ' Do not have some books I to read? ' ' In the truth until I have, but as almost always I am with a little of haste, I catch one different direction not to have that to stop to talk with a good friend that I have. I have promised for me exactly that one day of these I will leave a free time, to only visit, and to take books Mrs. Dulce. However, always I go postponing, postponing.

The Money

In that day it did not make nothing, exactly why, he did not have no work to make. The luggage was ready for the trip, the money of the sales of the goats was kept to buy the bus ticket. But, it relutara in leaving. It had the iluzoria hope of that some thing happened, a reason any, mainly that it finished the estiagem made and it to be in the land where was born and would like to be until the end of its days. In the following morning it woke up feeling calafrios and with pain in the wound of the foot. It was risen of the bed and supporting itself in the handle of the broom, sat down next to the threshold of the door, in a leaned coarse bank in the wall of taipa. (Similarly see: Coupang).

The sun started to heat the day, but it still it felt cold. It was repented to have raised of the bed and now it had a weakness sensation. Without forces to come back to the stream bed, it was leaned stops backwards resigned, if it was for dying, it would die there, looking at its land and what it remained of the vegetation, mandacaru to the side of the shed, the feet of macambira growing around of the corral, the feet of carqueja next to house, the colored land patio and the souvenirs of a time that already passed. It was diving in the lethargic shades, but soon something despertou its attention and it shook the head to reason with clarity. For half-opened eyelids it perceived that it had somebody of the other side of the surrounded one of the goats. The figure of a woman as that floating between the land and the sky. It rose itself, with intensso to see who age. He gave two steps and he fell in the soil.