The days passed quiet, our airport, I am referring to the seizure, gradually became important, day noticed the increase in flights, and was already a pastime, see how they went out or landing aircraft, uniforms that I saw, during those years they were worthy to remember, because the Germans and up to our same officers showed great glamor and to be seen in the streetsthey were as if they were paraded, point blank as to tell my mom, God have it in their Santa glory. At this time one can say that we live the growth and then the fall of the regime, thus also remembrance after the war, which in my house we gave food to hens putting food in helmets of the Germans. We spent them as plates for animals, for that and for placing them a quantity of water. Seeing this, today is like giving account of the fall of the mighty Empire that came to bass in an unimaginable way. I’ve told them some things from my parents, I now turn to my sister who was the greatest of all, Giovanna was a woman chapada old-fashioned, with a father strong in dealings and customs, although she was known a lover for more than eight years, my father did not accept, must see and understand which then in a Sicily known for strong men’s character and his style of command, no woman by daring, staying to live in the same town would dare marry without the consent of the father.

And this is what happened to my poor and selfless sister. She was seen with her boyfriend for several years, was a relationship like lovebirds, but devoid of any future. Carmelo was the man that my father did work until tiredness, in some way, and without that still can I know the why, he He had been chosen as the pawn, because all hard work was entrusted to him and believe that my father, not felt some sort of pity for him, this was a the son chosen by my father to follow his work; My sister’s the order of things in the home, helping my mother and in regard to me, should study, make mimo to Toto.