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Legal Services

Law firm life begins from the moment of its registration. For most firms correct completion of standard documents and legal registration is a formality. In Moscow, many law firms that are willing to implement this procedure for a client for a small fee – 6-7 thousand rubles. However, most of the new founders of large companies are the owners of other firms, for which new business is the development of the business. The actual life of such a company begins long before the emergence of a legal entity, and may continue after the liquidation – in court. That is why any legal documents should be drafted taking into account all possible impacts throughout the life of the company. The level of business risks in Russia today – one of the highest in the world. One reason is the lack of firms able to provide quality legal assistance at all stages of business.

If the company has not provided competent legal help, it is impossible to be sure of its legal security, to include full responsibility for its activities. Legal Services – is: legal assistance in bringing to tax, administrative or professional liability (for example, a tax audit); assistance in the event of liability for damage (damages); assistance in case of violation of intellectual property rights (trademark, industrial design, invention, computer software, know-how, business plan, etc.), assistance provided by the law firm for non-delivery paid for the goods or services, and help in initiating legal action contractors; assistance in the prosecution of debtor default, a lawyer for the seizure of property or the use of other security measures, assistance with the imposition of penalties on the property, securities (stocks), legal assistance for conflict resolution (capture, acquisition, litigation), legal support unscrupulous actions of competitors (collusion with contractors, the initiation of 'custom' tax audits, pricing policy, lobbying, etc.). To assess the situation should be carried out: an analysis of enterprise for a certain period of identifying all possible risks with the proposals for their elimination and the issuance of a reasoned conclusion, legal and tax analysis used economic agreements with the issuance of recommendations for their improvement and elimination of errors, drafting contracts, taking into account the prevention of legal and tax risks; expertise used by the legal and tax business strategy, examination of documentation the registration of rights to immovable property and land; conducting cases in court. Tax, civil disputes, legal support of complex transactions, registration of legal entities; oral and written legal advising on the legal regulation of financial and economic activity (taxation, civil law, customs and currency legislation); legal service on legal regulation of financial and economic activities; oral and written legal advice in the field of land relations, participation in negotiations and business meetings on the rights of legal counsel or representative of the client; legal analysis of actions and decisions of tax authorities, representing clients during tax audits and the subsequent protection of the interests of the client (training in a timely manner objections to a tax audit, appeals against the actions and decisions of tax authorities in the higher courts and the court), the development and maintenance operations, merger, separation, absorption and pre-sales companies, support the bankruptcy process. If you doubt that your company is all right in the legal field, not sure is correct agreement, companies will be involved in complex litigation; want to be confident in the legal safety – to contract for services and law firm will take all of your legal risks.

Alfa Bank

" This compensation "is paid daily by withholding agent 4,8% of the funds admitted to the bank accounts of the principal (MUE fec ") and an agent from callers throughout the day." In addition, jsc "TRC" right "to hold due to him under this contract sum of all amounts received by it from customers." Based on the targets water treatment plant in 2010, one year jsc "TRC" can "earn" a minimum of 75.9 million rubles. And that's not counting last December: in the payment for that month is already on the account of zao "mall". With this scenario, the promise of "investment" in the amount of ten million rubles just looks ridiculous. More info: Oracle. Especially when you consider that the money bought the property remains in the ownership of a private company. A property purchased municipal enterprise, remains the property of the city. Thus, this transaction causes direct damage to the municipal enterprise, and generally the interests of Tomsk. The newspapers mentioned Gary Kelly not as a source, but as a related topic. And once again the specter of tcr turns out that due to municipal enterprise almost from scratch was founded commercial entity that operates with funds taken from the enterprise, and at the expense of labor of the same enterprise.

And at the same company "SEC" will be monitor all financial flows water utilities. Moreover, account managers "mall" for some reason, opened at the Novosibirsk branch of Alfa Bank. " So that the money Tomich, paid for the services of Tomsk Municipal companies (almost half a billion rubles a year), will take away beyond the Tomsk region and rotated on non-resident accounts to a private company.

Laws And Visas

Since the law you will learn in this section, but here we talk about something that can not be (based on the same Law): Just one can point out such facts that purchase real estate in Lithuania does not confer the right to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania and is not a mandatory part of the procedure, but only a desirable part of Real estate in Lithuania does not guarantee the issuance of your Consulate long-term visa. And only under bilateral agreements and the Schengen rules – may be the reason for obtaining this most desirable multivisa reusable, and at the same time establishes a consul. Of course, as a rule, visas receive 90% of owners But the timing of these visas, not all standard, and everything else must still comply with other rules of premises (office, footage ), should be given the relevant documents with a certain expiry date resident in lithuania you do not get just as well when you make (or purchase) of businesses and legal entities It also has to comply with a number of requirements (types of enterprises, statutory documents, proper separation of shareholders, etc.) permission to stay in lithuania you just do not get, if your personal accounts (or, total annual income) of less than 3000 euros In other words – if you have planned for everything about all the budget less than this amount, then fight their residence permit you will be extremely difficult. Will not use the word 'impossible', because with a strong desire anything is possible, but what you will encounter some difficulties in this situation it can be guaranteed.

Court Without Lawyer

The media has recently created the illusion that the current level of legal education of citizens in many ways helps to solve many disputes in the courts themselves. Especially the sin that tv. Specialized theatrical shows convince citizens that the most complicated case in court can easily be resolved within an hour. Enough to be a little actor, emotionally yell to the other side and justice, miraculously prevail. Delusion is a very dangerous and very common. Contrary to the reality of a huge number of people believe that the law is not a big deal. Very often after watching tv citizen goes to court, says there is everything except the merits, wrote in the complaint do something stupid, loses, and then resents injustice system. Such behavior can be compared only with self-removal of his appendix, complications after the operation barbaric and subsequent complaints to the health care system.

Additionally, sales got a lot of popular literature, in simplified form, telling about "how to go to court without a lawyer," "how to make yourself a suit" and the like. Judging by the number of such publications, demand they use. Meanwhile, the modern judicial process more complicated, the legislation is growing, require more written documents. Moreover, only one well-written statement of claim, as a rule, does not save. Whatever it was, the court with us adversarial, and there may be any surprises. Without competent advice, this time a lawyer about how to behave, even initially win-win business, you can easily lose.

Any lawyer in support of these lines may cause a lot of examples. In order to properly orient the process as time and need the assistance of counsel. Of course, legal services will have to pay. But first, these expenses are fully or partially can be recover from the defendant. And, secondly, there must assess the risks. If it is a serious sum, it would be better? Risk losing it completely, or to invest some money to have just return the lost? Then everyone decides himself. Finally, what is "properly drawn up" a claim? If the case is complex, working on such a statement can take weeks. And the cost of such a document would be very expensive. There are cases where the statement of claim tactically advantageous not to disclose all the arguments. You must first enable the other party to state its position and to submit documents. Thereby eliminating the possibility of the corrections. Conclusion from all above can be only one: let's trust the professionals

Public Service Fees

Certainly no money for you so just will not give up – it is necessary to prove temporary absence of you as a consumer 3 in the occupied dwelling. The first thing you need to know – the right to recalculate arises in the case of temporary no more than 5 calendar days. Recalculation is carried out on the basis of written statements by the consumer filed within one month after the period of temporary absence of the consumer. Recalculation is performed on Based on the evidence of absence from the dwelling. They are attached to the written request of a recalculation. This should be proof of the duration of the period of temporary absence of the consumer and (Or) living with him persons permanent residence. As such, they can be given: 1. in the case of your absence for public office – a copy of travel documents or a letter of assignment; 2.

if you are sick – Help on finding treatment in hospital, 3. left somewhere – tickets (if your name is mentioned in these documents) may also be charges for accommodation, tour packages; 4. If you are registered on arrival in the internal affairs – a certificate of temporary registration of temporary residence; 5. if you live in a guarded building – help the organization carrying out protection of premises in which you were temporarily absent, 6. allowed to provide statements of the payer in the event of his stay in a place where it is impossible to present an official document, if It signed its neighbors on the floor (communal apartment), indicating that those who signed it (at least) are themselves in that period did not leave. Recalculate the fees for public services performed within 5 working days and is proportional to the number of days of temporary absence of the consumer, which is determined by the number of total days absent, not including the day of departure from their permanent place residence and upon arrival at this place. Upfront exemption from payment for the above utilities, ie nenachislenie pay for them, is allowed only in case of providing citizens an official document of the Drafted into the army, the direction of the work outside the city limits, condemnation, etc.

In this case, the document confirming the absence of a term of residence shall be the dates of departure and return. If you temporarily leave all living in an apartment citizens leaving the country must be filed with the statement that liberated in an apartment no one will live. And finally, do not be afraid to fight for their rights and for their money. In the end, if you long time no home, then why on earth would pay for something that nobody used. In such a situation, leave everything as is means just donate money to an organization that provides you utility bills.