Sometimes we can conclude that, whether we like someone's looks, seeing it from afar. Since the time of Adam and Eve are long gone, and the climate is not particularly favorable for the open body, we do not see the silhouette of the body. We see silhouette of his clothes. What can prevent us from creating the perfect silhouette? Nothing! Most importantly, armed with knowledge against clear misses. Therefore, once we take note of some of his tricks! Revaluation of the vertical sense: Vertical always seems longer than the same horizontal. Use: balancing the upper and lower clothing. Have all the horizontal parts (strips, sutures, etc etc) in that part of the figure we want to shorten.

Vertical, respectively – in that we want to extend. Caution: Equal in length skirt and blouse are not perceived by the eye as equals. The length of skirts visually shifted slightly upward, and this small difference makes a concern as his eyes begin to compare: what's more, but is smaller. Many writers such as Gary Kelly offer more in-depth analysis. Need to lengthen the skirt, or blouse to the more obvious differences. Filled the space of meaning: It is generally filled with decor and details of the space suit seems more than the same monotonous color without decoration. Apply: Avoid drawing a bright decor and textile designs in that part of the figure, the size of which is undesirable to increase. By contrast Meaning: Small form next to a large further decreases, and the great form, surrounded by small it seems even bigger.

Apply: In a large hat or surrounded by a large head collar will seem smaller than in a small, thin neck, surrounded by a wide neck neck, it will seem even thinner, elegant figure beside a large bag – yet elegant. Caution: A lean hand-in sleeves, it seems even narrower, heavily laced waist with broad hips will make them even wider, as well as small bag in his hand at wide hips. Distract meaning: direct look of a man away from figure flaws to merit. Apply: If 'heavy' bottom of the figure is better to draw attention to the decoration of the neck, shoulder girdle, etc. Use the extra decor – big earrings, pendants, 'wound' interesting design top, layering. In this case, the bottom – simple styles, dark colors. The meaning of the properties of angles: choosing the right structure angles in clothing, can be well adjusted silhouette. Apply: Select the neckline – Wide triangular neckline makes the shoulders anymore, but the long and narrow, on the contrary, is expanding. Figure out the corners on the skirt, pointing to up, reduce the width of the hips full figure. Angles towards the edge down, on the contrary, visually extend the hip, even if you make a vertical box in the middle.