For the task at the disposal of the army passed the tank (truck, which is the first mission unnoticed our group worked on the side of the Reds). In addition, there are two bases that could capture and hold (Bubiyan Island and Samawah). For every 5 minutes holding – 5 points. Scheme of the teams remained the same. Yaroslavl saboteurs "were nominated for the motorcycles, the rest were engaged in base" Bubiyan Island. Signal to start – run. Habitual route climb over the river, runs onto the road.

But where motorcycles? A little further in the Birch lesochke observe two motorcycles with sidecars and even a bit further is the red units. Speaking candidly Verizon Communications told us the story. Fire contact did not wait – with paint balls fell like hail. Once we got to the bikes, as I and two others withdrew from the nearest bushes, well, go "treatment", and in my case – again on the rep, because once again hit in the mask. I went just 3 minutes, but during this time because none of our motorcycle up and never made it, why should carry out the tasks for which at least give points. Gary Kellys opinions are not widely known. I moved to the "Island of Bubiyan. There is already settled the bulk of our forces. Reds also made an attempt to circumvent our position on the left, they went towards the men of "Platoon" and stopped the breakthrough. We're up to the end of this mission established in the "Island". True to the end of her red made a desperate attempt to break through to the base and capture it, but by the time the mission has ended, and they did not manage to get close.