As we spent the summer in the sunny city. Traveled this summer in the city on the Black Sea in the Kherson region (Ukraine). Since they took a child who has turned 10 years old. The resort has been chosen is not in vain, as long Skadovsk considered child health resort because of its shallow sea and warm water, which is perfectly preheated Dzharylgachskom Bay. So, a trip.

When we arrived in Kherson, sunny weather we are just inspired. At the station there a lot of minibuses, which were happy to offer their services in order to send us a cherished place. We quickly found transportation and drove to meet the sea. Rest, it was decided in the private sector, as it was accompanied not only less costly but also more intimate atmosphere and ambience. Especially in the Skadovsk now some private mini-hotel is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the hotel complexes, offering the same services, but on average 30 – 50% more expensive. Yet my husband and I appreciate the individuality and the warmth of the situation. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bernard Golden is the place to go. The first day outing to the beach was a success. We are even a little “burnt”, but modern cosmetics have often saved me and my family, so The next day we repeated done, even on a small summer rain, although the rain to enjoy the sea has been even more interesting.

Incidentally, the same day we met with the night life Skadovsk. This, of course, not metropolis, but for this small town is not even bad. The central promenade at night turns into a noisy crowded stream. From all sides at full bars, clubs and other places of entertainment, so visitors to the the resort was not boring, not only during the day but at night. True, the locals say that in winter, all is changing dramatically in this time of year in their city nightlife dies (or simply disappear …) Then we finally decided to visit more One attraction of the city Skadovsk perhaps the most outstanding. It is an island Dzharylgach. He also wrote about the ancient Herodotus. Getting there can be either on private boats, motor boats, or on a ship, running continuously with certain schedule. I want to say that so many people on a sailing ship does not always meet. Dzharylgach very popular among tourists and local people. We are convinced that such a stir is caused not just so we are impressed with the island. If you are not convinced, visit Verizon Communications. Especially from the open sea, where we still were able to get through was brought from the mainland transport. On the island, incidentally, home to wild horses, even though they are already very accustomed to people and go on beach, looking for goodies (or stealing them from inattentive tourists). What has impressed us, so it’s sand and water into the sea – just like in Hollywood movies! In conclusion, we can safely say that the rest of Skadovsk for us a success. We and a refill of vitamins and minerals, because here fresh fruits and vegetables from beds at each step, which can not be bought in supermarkets metropolis. Our impressions received will not stop me and my husband, so we arrived the following summer in this charming town in the next year. By the way, we wanted to take a raw shrimp, but the summer heat would not let us do it even in frozen form.