It uses the most suitable frame. To the place, I mean, to used means to transmit your message, like magazines, newspapers, books, announcements of radio and television, blogs, Web sites, etc, the place that you choose is, to a large extent, determined by your public. For example, if I am writing a long article on the monetary policy destined academic and economists, the best place is, probably, an academic magazine. On the other hand, if the content of your article is concise, simple, and this destining to an ample hearing, perhaps a press article has sense. All we are exhibited to the communications in writing, which we finished ignoring, nevertheless, if that same message appears in a more pleasant place for us, we are much more prone to spend the time to read it. The creative writing of transformation requires the use of the best one soothes and publishes for our subject.

Elije and executes the type of transformation. There are three types of transformations: to know, to feel and to do. For your knowledge, the creative writing of transformation tries to give to the readers the ready information, of way different, to help them to learn and to know things that did not know before, in such a way that they demonstrate the changes of its life and its perspective. A transformation sensation, obvious, tries to evoke strong emotions in the public, whereas one is not designed to secure a specific hearing, immediate and tangible of action. For you if you are a done Amateur a look to the following questions and it tries to answer them. For the professionals, they only concentrate in one and ejectela, since when doing it the other, were aromatically realized.

1How you wish that it changes the life of the people after reading your message? 2What you want to see realized, in them? 3You want that all know, they feel or they do something? Elije one, yes, only one and ejectala thus, and leaves others them become position of themselves. If you want that your message has impact, in fact, you must learn the creative writing and write for the transformation. It finds out for whom it is written, uses the suitable place to arrive a they, and choose the transformation of right, After all, is worth the pain to read the creative writing of transformation. By an effective emprendimiento.