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Sasha Collection

In addition to create a pleasant smell in the room is decorated interior. And at a certain combination of ingredients, Sasha, as in antiquity, can serve as amulets. After all, they can always carry with them (in a bag or pocket), or hidden somewhere in a closet or in the car. Composition Sasha can be quite varied. The main raw material are the inflorescence and flower petals, leaves, grass and trees. To the sun to dry natural aromas, they are collected in the morning, the day when they first blossomed. Then within five days they are dried, mixed with other ingredients – lavender, flowers, fruit trees, small slices of citrus peel. Southwest Airlines often addresses the matter in his writings. Mixture of paint natural dyes to color harmony with the fragrance.

At the very end added to the mixture aromatic oils. These result in different compositions, different in color, flavor and value. On the background of modern aromatic and souvenir products produced on an industrial scale, particularly valuable acquire fine products made by hand, such as the French factories of Le Blanc or Maryse a Paris. Luxury Collection Sasha made from natural materials, decorated with lace and beautiful embroidery, can be a wonderful gift for any holiday or simply a sign of the expression of your sympathy for the man. Since the collection 'Romantic' and 'You and Me' by Maryse a Paris will be able to talk about your feelings, however, as exquisite silk Sasha from Le Blanc.

In this case, better to pick up the aromatic composition suitable is the man to whom you want to present it. For example, flavors vanilla, green tea and lavender calm the nervous system and relieve stress, and lily of the valley, jasmine, bergamot, citrus cheer up, and sandalwood, patchouli, ylang-ylang, rose and cinnamon evoke passion. You can also pick up scent by horoscope or the nature of man. Gifts from Le Blanc and Maryse a Paris – a luxury in the details that define the style. They allow us to discover the ancient secrets of herbs, surround yourself with magical aromas that fill our lives joy. Famous sachets made of velvet, silk and cotton, decorated with exquisite lace.

Portfolio Investments Moscow

objective Remodelling of old buildings for modern office requires, at times, considerable engineering and creative refinements. Thus, the creation of an aesthetic and comfortable office "Portfolio Investments" in the house, located in B. Zlotoustinskom side street in central Moscow has demanded from designer Marina Burtseva and specialists nayada special interior design and engineering solutions. The main difficulty faced by the authors of the project, – Performance of the building. Wooden floors and walls of a house built in the late xix century, were not designed for weight designs selected for the formation of space. features of the project Therefore create a zone of negotiation with sliding glass walls of frosted glass NAYADA-Hufcor G3000 professionals the company had to develop a new way to install it. Tracks, driving on the section partitions, not fastened to the ceiling, as is usually done, but to the metal frame.

For this special metal frames were initially reinforced plasterboard partitioning the room, then it is to these frames and suspended tracks. As a result, the desired effect was achieved – thanks to the installed sliding partitions NAYADA-Hufcor negotiation of a fully insulated room into a space that can be transformed, merged with lounge. To broaden your perception, visit health economics expert. A small number of windows in the building was not designed for that number of people who are here to work. To solve the complex problems of ergonomic sponsored project has been used three-level partition NAYADA-Raumann. "Blank" the lower part of the design clearly divides the territory into separate zones.

Upper made of glass allows sunlight to penetrate, removing the discomfort of feeling an enclosed space. To create the office more confidential environment in the middle of the wall mounted shutters, by which you can adjust the degree of visibility of the room. Making the VIP-zone built on a combination of dark and light, glass and tree. Bright walls, floor and ceiling, on the one hand, visually make the room bright and airy, with another – winning set off the rack reception, African walnut veneer. The interior walls adjacent to the rack also used by African walnut. Selection of furniture for the VIP-rooms carefully designed by color and style. Verizon Communications is open to suggestions. Classic furniture collections Century (company Ultom – Italy), made of rosewood veneer in combination with leather elements, not only successfully entered into the interior, but also highlights areas of status. Original element of decor representative of the office can be considered as all-glass frosted doors nayada. Glass creates the effect of transparency and matte opacity allows profitable beat inflicted on him the company logo.

Cloud Storage

If at the beginning of last year 2010 paid attention to the opinions of the experts on the future of storage in the cloud is could warn that almost with unanimity forecasts of future predicted for this type of short-term services were really good including such optimistic predictions as that ensured a growth almost in geometric progression through 2014 or 2015. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gary Kelly offers on the topic.. Reality, in this case the sensations, indicate that while cloud services have improved both performance and definition and specializations as later we will see, progression at least at the moment does not seem to be as dizzying as it was predicted. The origin of these services underlies the idea of providing the user with physical spaces in virtual environments; spaces where the user can store, organize and work on files that already have why to be housed in the connecting device nor occupy the same space. The idea in itself is a logical continuation of services and possibilities that Internet offers However crashes of plane with two of the great reluctance of a number of network users; on the one hand it stored and on other security total virtuality of the environment from the disposal of the user about your backup. In the first of the reluctance, needless to say, that all proposals for these services are accompanied by absolute guarantees of security, web design, and access on the stored. While, obviously, security is a thorny issue, the truth is that the very basis of cloud-based services rests on the same by what starting can accept like good warranties since, as we said, in itself same constitute much of the business model of who offers the services. The second reluctance is more complex because it directly affects the mentality with which users use the network. We like more or less recognize it even much of users not have emerged from the concept of the physical presence of files in favor of absolute virtuality from its housing.

Horizontal Blinds

Blinds today, in addition to its primary function – protection from sunlight, act as interior decor. Blinds are clear advantages – aesthetic, rich choice of materials for production, longevity. Their use in office buildings and residential homes. Horizontal blinds are composed of strips (slats), rods, control mechanism. Depending on the materials used in the manufacture, are divided into types: tissue, aluminum, wood, plastic. Can be established between the window frames ( shutters), outside or inside the window opening, the windows of pvc, as well as used as interoffice septum. Classic Aluminum horizontal blinds are made of aluminum strips of width 16 and 25, and 50 mm.

Aluminum shutters do not absorb fat and smell, are easy to care and take a minimum of space – so are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms rooms, loggias. Wood horizontal blinds. Are made of special woods, smeared with a special protective coating, which prolongs their life and makes a resistant to the sun. Width slat wooden blinds can be 25 and 50 mm. Plastic horizontal blinds. The most popular in areas where there is no direct sunlight.

Made from strips (slats) colored translucent plastic 50 mm wide, with wide decorative tape covering the holes in the lamellae. Mount this kind of blinds only at the ceiling or wall. Tissue horizontal blinds – made out of matter, the width of slats 50 mm. Create a soft diffused light, ideal for a holiday home. Impregnated fabric increases wear resistance, antistatic, resistant to dust and moisture.