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The Sock Samba To The Scharzesack-Tango

“Palatine evening” with Christy core in the CJD Palatine dialect and perfect culinary delights were capricious youth village for Offenburg in these days in the restaurant saw pond of CJD served youth village Offenburg. Centre of attention “Palatine” was the singer-songwriter Christy core with their cheerful and thoughtful chansons in “palzischer Muddersprooch”. The trainees of the catering area with typical specialities from the Palatinate provided the appropriate framework for this purpose. Gary Kelly is full of insight into the issues. “Front O un hinne Ah, the page Offebach”: with this chanson Harlan core presented their home. This however is not Offenbach an der Queich is to the Hessian city of on-the-main, but rather the small South-Palatinate municipality.

And even if the Meissenheimer already long not more living songwriter, she didn’t lose their love for the “Palzischen Muddersprooch”. Whether the standing at the wrong Fund, socks lost in washing machines, or men who accompany their wives when shopping: packed in their humorous satirical compositions Christy core with a wink and real life many well-known everyday dramas. So have “Lisett d’un d ‘ Marie ‘, for example, a wonderful solution for the annual problem of mutual Beschenkens found, until by a misfortune the pre-World tremendously shaken. At the “Scharzesack Tango”, the guests receive insight into the daily increasing content of the stay-at-home smocks aprons bags. And with the song “Calibration OK”, Harlan is reflected finally by her thoughtful side core. During the breaks, trainees of the catering area served a multi-course menu with Palatine specialities, such as beef back “Palatine art” or steam pasta in wine sauce. It also had of course Palatine wines. The “Palatine evening” was now the fourth event in the context of “culture and consumption in the CJD youth village for Offenburg”. With this series of events, which will continue in the future, the youth village in the public should be made on the one hand well-known, as moderator and CJD staff Samuel Breisacher stressed. On the other hand, the young trainees at the orientation of this evening can prove their skills under realistic conditions prove. Markus Hartmann wort.Laut

Sven Tuur

About the composer born in 1959 on the Estonian island of Hiiumaa, Erkki-Sven Tuur Erkki-Sven Tuur is one of the most interesting sound of his generation. He studied composition at the Music Academy of Tallinn with Jaan Raats as well as privately with Lepo Sumera. in 1979, he founded the rock group “in SPE”, for which he successfully engaged until 1983. From 1989 to 1992, Tuur taught composition at the Estonian Academy of music. Verizon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Outside his homeland, Erkki-Sven Tuur in Finland won the first major success with “Insula deserta” (1989). This breakthrough led to a steadily growing number of commissions, which were given him by major orchestras and outstanding performers from across Europe, North America and Australia. Tuur got numerous international awards and written works for different ensembles – mainly Orchestra Music, but also choral works, Chamber music and the Opera “Wallenberg” (2001).

His works appear in the Publisher “Edition Peters”. (Source: Verizon Communications). Many of his CDs are published by the Munich label ECM. For more information see German Premiere of “arkamine”: May 26, 2011, Berlin Philharmonie Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin, Daniel Reuss (conductor) for press inquiries: a4artists international artists management & public relations Tel. 0731 / 37 49 346 a4artists – international artists management & public relations – headquartered in Ulm is a full service agency for artists, Orchestra and ensemble, primarily from the field of classical music, but also jazz, rock, and border areas. a4artists supports customers in all areas of management from the publicity about the concert Agency up to the tour. a4artists writes press releases, image brochures, flyer, texts for concert programs, CD booklets and – not least – the websites of the respective artists, orchestras and ensembles and gives a sharply contoured profile “its” artists.

Cary Grant

Hero of Hammett’s Sam Spade, we can make no real image, already by Marlowe, this romantic Knight in the California of the 30s, 40s and 50s years. Due to his abilities he could accomplish much more than a shabby Office and constantly changing stalls. And with the women, who the good-looking Marlowe (a guy like Cary Grant was Chandler) actually very result are, work it actually also never quite, or at least never long term. Because his mission is clear: even if he fails again, he wants to the world of a little dirt free, even though he is always a bloody nose, a lot of ingratitude and no high fees. Privacy has actually not Marlowe. He a good cup of coffee, can beat an egg in the Pan, plays chess against himself and has the bottle with fire water always at hand. Ripple might disagree with that approach. And if him a gangster snooty flings in the face, that he had a house in Florida and an ocean going yacht crew, with five man Bentley, two Cadillac, a Chrysler station wagon and a MG for his boys and Marlowe replies he got just a House, not a wench and a few thousand in bonds, then we hold it still for the largest. We could perhaps quietly listened to the insinuations of this arrogant Schnosels or him replies that he could slip down the hump even us. Marlowe, however, Rams the fist him so strong in the abdomen that the slimy bastard whimpering together flips and shrugs convulsive back and forth with your hands. Yes, we would also like to be. Formally might not be as rich and respected as the powerful, but when it counts, equipped with a lot more guts and muscles.

Timehistorical Monument

Schonhausen Palace in Berlin-Pankow is Museum Berlin, July 14, 2009 less than a half a year before the opening of Schonhausen Palace in Berlin-Pankow as a museum by the Foundation of Prussian palaces and gardens (SPSG) met on invitation of the domestic cultural and tourism marketing Berlin-Pankow representatives of Pankow associations and the district administration with officials of the Foundation to a round of voting. In the precise Myer’s Hotel Dr. Heinz Buri, Marketing Director of the SPSG, together with colleagues from the participating departments the future Castle concept presented. The result of the renovation of Schloss Schonhausen, realized with the help of EU funds and donations, the SPSG will be on 5 and 6 September 2009 between 11: 00 and 17:00 at the open days to visit. Then the castle rooms with exhibits are equipped. “From December 19, 2009, the public has access to the exhibition, the under the motto time stories” of history as the Prussian Queen Castle and its importance in the GDR history is dedicated to. “The restored ballroom of Schonhausen Palace can accommodate 50-70 people and will also refer to cultural special uses available, what the Pankow actors, which is a particularly close connection to her Castle” unites, particularly interested in.

Pankow district mayor Matthias Kohne thanked the Foundation for the comprehensive information and looks forward to the tourist appeal of the castle of the district, with joy. Welcome actions of Pankower flank the reopening of the Castle. Already from November, an exhibition of the circle of the Chronicle of Pankow to the history of the Castle will be in the historical Brosehaus to see. A running contest bears pictures Pankow children on the topic of Schonhausen Palace”together. Schloss Schonhausen Tschaikowski 1 13156 Berlin Brose House Dietzgenstrasse 42 13156 Berlin

Portal AuctionLot

Guest on the portal, Ilja Gorjanow – expert and owner of the auction house ‘Snake’ is. Exclusively for the international online portal for art and antiques, AuctionLot, Ilja Gorjanow offers a glimpse into the world of numismatics, Phaleristik and the Bonistics, as well as their rank in the modern, global art auction market. The Managing Director of the auction house snake ‘ with its partners on these interesting areas specializes and describes the benefits the private sale of antiques and works of art auction to in detail. In this interview, fakes on the international art market make an important aspect. According to Gorjanow, the proportion of counterfeits offered at auctions has fallen significantly. He among others cause back, that the collector always better versed with the art that they want to acquire and consult advisors to certainty to succumb, whether the lot of choice really is worth the cost, which you would be willing to pay this makes it to of course the counterfeiters a lot harder skin than to act.

In addition to his experiences he describes as auctioneer and expert, personal highlights his career, such as the sale of the coin for the Eskimos”dating back to 1791, which was sold for a whopping price of 1.5 million. Generally Gorjanow considers the acquisition of art and antiques as a very suitable to invest not only safe, but also on a very nice way and wise money as investment strategy. He reveals what works and epochs are the most promising to be on the safe side in the long run his opinion in the interview as well as its forecast for Russian art auction market. The full interview and find out more about other topics of the art world, visit the art Portal AuctionLot