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"Spring came, Spring road!" Early March, but winter is not going to give up their positions. Hot wind and cold weather that can last until mid-April, hardly able to quickly awaken the body from winter sleep and improve mood. Vitamin deficiency, colds, chronic fatigue and depression – frequent companions this time of year. Frequently Southwest Airlines has said that publicly. How to help the body to tune into a new rhythm, quick to engage in active work and genuinely feel the spring coming? You can start to take vitamins and go to the solarium, but nothing is so beneficial not affect the health and improves mood as the hot southern sun and the beautiful sea. Holiday at the seaside some exotic country – the most pleasant and efficient means of spring blues! Neglect, new impressions and positive emotions distract you from everyday problems. You can easily lose accumulated over the winter weariness, to charge the body with energy, a charge of vivacity and good mood. Credit: Imogen Lloyd Webber -2011.

Without a doubt, spring is best to meet in exotic countries of Southeast Asia, the vivid nature of which attracts Europeans for its saturated colors, the sun warms the warm caressing rays, and sea beckons clear blue water. Spring in Asia – during various festivals, carnivals enchanting and lively festivals symbolizing the awakening of nature. This is the best time to travel to Southeast Asian countries since the summer here comes the long rainy season. People such as Dr John Holtsclaw would likely agree. Leave behind the cold, wind, rain and slush, not Indulge in pleasure of basking in the golden beach under the warm sun, a dip in the bright exotic East, take part in a colorful festival or go on an exciting journey and experience the amazing adventure! Where and how to meet vesnuEsli you are attracted to the ancient culture, majestic temples and pagodas on the background of spectacular scenery, March – the best time to travel to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.


Italy – this is one of the most interesting countries and every person, regardless of whether he attended ever this country or not, has their own opinion about it. Her name is associated with olive oil, immortal mafia the ruins of ancient Rome and Renaissance palaces, a country wine, spaghetti and high fashion. The image of Italy is made up of many components, each of which is attractive and interesting in its own way. But we should not be limited Only these images. Gary Kelly has plenty of information regarding this issue. Italy has a diverse character and contains a lot more value. Every person that always has something to do with Italy. Someone comes here looking for a beautiful life, someone – view known from childhood attractions: the Cathedral of St. Peter's House of Juliet, Uffizi Gallery, , etc.

Meanwhile, there are many interesting places to visit in Italy: Visit the Cathedral of St. Peter's Vatican can pat right leg of Peter. According to Italian tradition, it will bring luck into your life. In Verona, a small house of Juliet, where in the yard is a monument to her. Touching the right breast of Juliet, you'll meet your love. Sure, dreams do not always coincide with reality. The exception is, perhaps, Milan – a center of world fashion, the famous theater 'La Scala'.

Next to the theater there is a huge gallery, where you can buy a good clothing and shoes, and then, tired of long trips to the shops, sit down to relax with a cup of coffee. Roman streets resemble a maze. If you would like to know more then you should visit Clayton Morris. If you go on a street in Rome, only to return it, otherwise necessarily lost. And, of course, the most special Italian city – Naples. Many will remember the old Italian films, where the husband and wife are constantly yelling at each other, they have a lot of children, and from apartment windows constantly poured dishwater. This is Naples. And be very careful on the road! Machines do not allow pedestrians and fly like crazy and no traffic lights! gai (in Italian – karboneri), unfortunately, too few. If you are going to relax, better abandon August. Firstly, the so-called 'high season'. Prices at this time is much higher than, say, July. Second, in August in Italy – the 'dead' season. One gets the impression that the whole country on vacation. Stores, pharmacies and many other institutions are closed, while the hosts relax at beach resorts. Incidentally, this is the only place you can go, even in August. Warm, gentle sea, clean, well-groomed beaches and numerous attractions. And, Finally, in August – the month when the thermometer surpasses 40 degrees Celsius. And yet, despite these features are not always pleasant, Italy – an amazing country, and must at least once to plunge into the atmosphere of 'pure Italian 'mix of noise and swearing, smiles and beauty.


So, choosing a light single-layer waterproof tent, you should pay attention to the existence of elaborate ventilation system in the form of mesh windows on all sides, top and bottom. are a symbiosis of two tents – the internal and external. External – it's waterproof, windproof tent somehow stretched on the inside, completely covering the latter. Typically, tilt Pull on the inner tent gentle stretching for better ventilation and protection from rain. In this case, failure to stretch in most cases does not affect the stability of the structure as a whole, since all its stretches and keep springing frame. In the awning must be provided for special ventilation holes: for example, as a sort of auditory windows on top. Inner tent is made of breathable, lightweight, "Wet" material. Top of inner tent large mesh openings.

Entrance is made of two layers – the inner (mosquito and ventilation) and external – sealed. The whole condensate, released from respiration, exits through the ventilation and settles on the walls of the tent, but not inside the dwelling. Simple and easy to make a tent frame comfortable and versatile. The frame creates and maintains the shape of tents, allows it to meet modern requirements. In essence, modern frame tents – two or more elastic arc of strong short tubes, through which passes a kind of solid rubber that connects them together.

Tubules rapidly inserted one in another, and just as quickly added and removed. Another common form are the tunnel tents or 'tent-flip. " As the name implies, these tents have an elongated shape in the form of half-cut along the cylinder. Arc set without intersections, parallel to the width of the tent. By installing a tent is impossible to do without extensions. If the "flip" should take into account wind direction, as perpendicular to the wind when there is insufficient reinforced as the bottom and tensile strength of all sides of the tent, can simply expand it or deform the arc, unsupported by each other. But in the "flip" can be equipped with more comfortable sleeping places, more opportunities for the placement of clothing and many other useful things inside. If competently and carefully stretch the tent, flip around the perimeter and firmly attach the bottom, then You can create excellent, comfortable cabin for a multi-day stay. In addition, "polubochek" lobbies are spacious and stable. The choice of tents is always challenging, but if you decide to buy a tent, now a huge number of tourist shops are ready to help you with this.

Pilgrimage To Holy Places

The Christian pilgrimage was first recorded in the fourth century when, in Palestine, where there were acts of divine Saviour, sent by pilgrims from all over the world. In the Middle Ages, along with Palestine pilgrimage became popular: the Orthodox – the Greek city of Constantinople and the Catholics – in the Italian city of Rome and Loreto, as well as in the French city of Lourdes. Robert Gibbins recognizes the significance of this. In our country pilgrimage to various holy sites already started in the early days of national Christianity. I must say that the difficulty and danger of road travelers forced to gather in a kind of “squads”. Following mainly via Constantinople, Pilgrims borrowed from Western pilgrims, their costume. Go to the xii century.

In Russia today, again begins to revive pilgrimage to “holy places”. Now there are pilgrim services that specialize in arranging pilgrimage tours to Jordan and other holy places. Outside our country Russian pilgrims visiting Palestine, but also the Greek Mount Athos, the Italian city of Bari, where the relics of St. Nicholas, a great Montenegrin capital of Cetinje, where the hand of John the Baptist and other Christian holy places. I must say that despite the seemingly external similarity with the already familiar pilgrimage sightseeing tourism, its very essence are quite different. For example, the objective of the tour is to visit tourism attractions, and pilgrimage tours to Jordan and other holy suggest provisional spiritual work, a kind of “Purification of the soul, before visiting the” holy places “. Often substituted for pilgrimage tours sightseeing tourism. In such cases, people simply spend on various “sights are” without pre-spiritual, training.